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I hate my life, it's ruined because of where i live. I am on probation for being black and i do not have any means to leave this shit hole.
>it's always cold
>wind blows 700 miles per hour non stop
>lots of aggressive feral dogs nobody cares about
>domestic dogs are even worse, being spoiled by owners that let them shit and bark non stop everywhere
>neighborhood is loud as fuck and nobody sees a problem with it
>my parents are alcoholics degenerates and live off of welfare
>my house is a health hazard and it's full of dark mold, i have trouble breathing since i was a kid
>house is full of puke piss and shit, fresh or not, because of my alcoholics parents
>everything is in ruins and most of our doors/windows are missing
>i cannot leave because of probation, and even if i could i don't have a driving license/car and my town have no public transport
>closest town is 30 miles away
>nobody ever wanted to give me a work because of my parents, thinking i am some kind of a lowlife criminal
>cannot even wash, our shower doesn't work from years
>i have to drink possibility contaminated water from the sink
>i have to cook for the whole family and try and take care of the house
>only things my parents buy to eat are shitty prefabricated meals
How can i live this hell if i am on probation for being black?
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