F(or some reason my thread got deleted but it's nothing illegal so idk why)

F(or some reason my thread got deleted but it's nothing illegal so idk why)

Please help me bros, I'm a man in his 20s and been talking and hanging out with a 12 year old girl for a while now.

Just recently She's been so busy and haven't hung out with me and I was wondering how I can make her spend more time with me without seeming too needy- Im not a hebe or anything i just really enjoy her company and shes awesome to be with

I really like her and wouldn't do anything too bad or anything with her but she's amazing and mature and I love chilling with her

What should I do bros ..?

> pic related it's our recent convos. She's so amazing and mature for her age

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There's nothing mature about the conversation.

You're seeking emotional and physical validation and nothing else. End it for her sake and yours.

Unless this is copy/paste bait I haven't seen yet.

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You should not hang out and cuddle a 12 year old, retard.

Are you retarded. You will be on their radar till 18 and then some more

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pray for forgiveness and then end it

You need to end this immediately and seek help from a clinician. This is not heathy for you and it is dangerous for her. A man in his twenties hanging out with a 12 year old girl, clearly without the knowledge of her parents is wrong. You have made excuses to justify it - but you are clearly trying to lead her into a physical and sexual contact. Seek help or rope. Just get out of this, cut it cold.

No matter how badly you dress up your neediness it will always bleed through.

Work on the neediness and you probably won't even want discount women anymore.

You can't get real validation from outside sources. You gotta give that to yourself.
Ask why you aren't worthy.

It could very well be a new copypasta

Even if this is two 12 year olds or older its still cringe of porportions greater than the universe

I know it's bad but I honestly would never ever hurt her. I know were mature enough to be together and she's proven time and time she's not like most other younger teens she's extra capable and even better than many women I've been with .

I would never do anything bad that she didn't want to do.

How is it cringe? I really like her

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Stop Lying to yourself It’s fucked up ,people like you have made me numb to so many things.
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You’re just trying to fuck a heavily underaged girl stop kidding yourself.
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Go for some actual women instead of some “free pussy”.Or go fucking kill yourself if you can’t handle the reality of this being pedophilia.
I don’t care you’re just talking to her unless she’s family and you want to help her then fuck off.
If your conversation was one of guidance or some shit then I would have been ok with it.
But you’re seeking attention from a girl that can’t fucking think straight and realize you’re a fucking weirdo.
Jesus fuck you guys are the one thing I hate the most

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Can you give me her number? I like tweens.

Hi Aussie friend how U doing

They would never find your body.

Yeah it's just pasta bait. This has been posted more than Andy Sixx's logs the past couple days

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"My thread got deleted idk why" kill yourself faggot pedo porcoddio

Looks like OP has caught his limit of fish for the day.


smettila di dimostrare la tua negritudine, new fag

I would never send anyone pictures she's sent me that's private and she's trusts me enough I'd never break her trust

Invite her here. It's a fun game server! gg/KCVSwS


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