Connecticut wins

Connecticut wins

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203 here

Chelsea b

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What town?


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New milford

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Don’t be fooled he won’t trade unless you have Amy C


What’s ur kik

anyone have any Connecticut College sluts?

He def doesn’t have her, she’s been in a long term for years

Jenn F
Cheshire slut

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Ok what’s ur kik lol

Last thread someone posted this chick from Newtown. Anyone have more? I think she was Rachel S

Don’t have one and not worth it to see pics I could find on her socials


Suit yourself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What’s your kik


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I’ll hit you up later since not in a rush to see her costumes

Id message now

Why lol

East fuck

Do it

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Heard shes a sugar baby now

Whats a good site to find sugar babies? Kik yungfuhrer is where my friend said he saw her. Name was jenniibaby or something

Has someone something from taylor?
Kik l.smith1998

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