I saw this article about this website & I'm new but are you guys really white supremacists? Just making sure

I saw this article about this website & I'm new but are you guys really white supremacists? Just making sure

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No. Now go away, gay nigger jew..

Don't worry, I can assure you we all are. Even the black anons are white supremacists here. Especially the cuck and BBC threads. Welcome

We wouldn’t have to hate anyone if the deceptive shylocks that write articles like that would stop generalizing us. I’m starting a political party that will divest all funds to cloning hitler so he may finish the glorious job he started. And space colonization of course

>cloning hitler

all white supremacist of Yas Forums are quarantine in

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>are you guys white supremacists?

sure, even the black guys on here are. It's a weird place.

Absolutely not.

On B all OPs are fags
On Pol all OPs are Jews
A s here on R9k all cuck posters are Asian. Except for that one Black kid on probation who won't stfu.

We are very diverse.

There is op

Yas Forums's actual demographic is quite diverse, but it's still mostly college age white dudes. They mostly just wanna say nigger without any repercussions, the vast majority of them aren't actually racist. But clown journalists come here, see meme phrases like "fuck you faggot" or "kill yourself nigga jew" in response to someone saying pepsi is better than coke and just don't get the hyperbole is part of the joke. They take it serious, write some clickbait and call it a day.

That said, there are people on here who don't get the difference between saying offensive shit as part of a hyperbole joke and actually being offensive/insensitive IRL. It bleeds into their mentality and they find themselves being desensitized to actual racism. And of course there's the genuine racists with an agenda. I'd say it makes for a small percentage of Yas Forums's users, but you could say that about public forum on the internet. Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook has a worse Nazi problem than here.

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We are white supremacists.
We are social justice warriors.
We are American and European and Asian.
We are sick and healthy
We are gifted and retarded.
We are young and old.
We are everyone.
We are you.
We are anonymous.

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And this:


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No but there's a lot of kikes on b pushing race mixing

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>implying they need to "push" it
It's already happened user, you lost the war. It's over, just get used to the new normal.

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>I don't want my nation that has been 99.999% white for thousands of years become overrun and invaded by coloured foreigners that rape white girls, rob white men, and act like animals in general
>i am le wyte supremacist

Just more media bullshit.
Were the Native Americans red-supremacists when they scalped a load of colonials?
Were the Haitians black-supremacists when they butchered every white man, woman, and child on their island?
Were the Chinese yellow-supremacists when they launched the Boxer Rebellion?
Of course they weren't. They were defending what was theirs.

White Supremacy would be something like going out of your way to travel to a black country just so you can kill the niggers.
''''''White Supremacy''''''' as it exists in the modern day is just another meaningless shaming word designed to browbeat whites into accepting their own colonisation.


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> white supremacists

kek. you don't understand the true nature or spirit, if you will, of the chan. we're nihilistic anarchists… with a twist.
we don't care if they were "innocent" (who is truly innocent, anyway?)
not to sound cliche, but we just want to watch the world burn.

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No not a all.. We just don’t like other races.

Spend 5 minutes looking at everyones posts should tell you this is just a bunch of basement dwellers shitposting to pass time since they have nothing else to do. The pandemic changed nothing for Yas Forums

U mad bro

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And it's what they keep saying but the day of the rope will come. Mercy will not be givin this time. Also the war will not end until all of us are dead

I hate niggers, but I'm not white. So... no white supremacist here.

I'm a black trans woman lesbian, who is a communist. There is many of us here

More Autistic than racist

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Spend 20 minutes here and you'll find that 50% of posters here love only 3 things: big black dick, being :"inferior" to blacks, thinking of girls only fucking blacks.

So no, no white supremacy,
Black obsessed closet cucks

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yes, i am planning on killing a bunch of niggers with my gunz in minecraft.

Exactly... and it's THIS in which normies/Rolling Stone/media will never truly grasp.

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>the rise
you frogposters couldn't make your babydick hard if you froze it

Good. It's mainstream. That means frogfags like you are being watched for being possible neo-nazi terrorists.

>"The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact"
No surprise Rolling Stone would fall under that category. Really don't know why anyone would care about their opinion on anything. They have been so wrong about so many things it's hilarious.

For reference, pick your favorite classic album and see what they had to say about it on release. It's most likely complete trash.

Seriously, how long do you think you're going to keep this fantasy world going? You will be expected to get a job, join society and be a responsible productive citizen within the next year.

A lot of us have jobs. Look I've been on this site for 16 years or so and in that time I've seen white supremacy get out of hand but this is where I first saw trans and furry porn. It's almost as if this site creates weird groups that fight with each other. I won't deny that there's something off about people here but it's really hard to tell what distinguishes us from the general population

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