Kik Cuck Thread

Kik Cuck Thread

Share your kik and your women

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kinkydudemx willing to show my gf

Kik tna99 to tribute girls I know

Kik walther9999 to jerk to my gf and trib her

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none of you is a cuck. Don't delude yuorselves, a cuck si a man who willingly lets his gf cuk other men. They're both into it. You're just little shitstains who don't even have the balls to tell their SO about their fetish, but still share their pics behind their backs because as soon as they're anonymous they can't help but act like fucking animals.


I have a collection of animals.. Spiders snakes more.

I want my next Pet to be a human Pet.
I got the room ready. Theres a bed and a tv.
Will be on contract.. First lasting 1 week..
Want a female Pet.
Any interest?

Send me tight teens and I'll show you vids of my 8 inches cock
Kik : taylbakyc

Kik me your sluts for a rate/wwyd burner1002


Seeking video tribs

Tributing nude photos of your gf/exes nudes.

Kik me: adamwxryi

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user 1505, sharing teen ex
Pic related. Looking for 25 or younger exes

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Looking for a huge cock to snap girls and save their reactions discreetly I know, leave kik or snap below


On a 3 day edge stroking my daddy cock. Send me your girl to keep me going. Love to chat about her as well. Myhotwife6869

Long live Yas Forums

Str8 M help be finish


Come make fun of my stupid ugly ex, give her a negative rating
Kik: Vtazyy

Kik me your sluts for a rate/wwyd burner1002

I want you to degrade and insult my ugly coworker.


bbw chick, anyone interested? got her snap thats about it

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Or we can talk about my coworkers in general


Love massive tits and massive cocks, either on the same body or not. Send me any pics or vids you’ve got

jakerob341. Trades, rates, wwyd

Bbw cuck here. Mistadaddy11

Trading young db and mega links. Not giving away. Dont hmu if u got nothing.

Not my kik. But a well known cuck is kik = Farris day off vt (no spaces. His slut wife is bemai diemmie (no spaces)
The big bull in the relationship is Alex (don't have his kik) he's the one controlling the 2 of them.

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Trading teen vids

Gf holes after her bull finished stretching them

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Kik: rodrigo_hedel

Babecocking @ dakillbasa

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horny af teen boy!
up to chat and fap!
send me stuff and make me cum :3



No kik sry

Feed my throbbing cock teen sluts...make me cum hard

Kik Roughconfusion