Is $5 on a $65 bill considered an acceptable tip?

Is $5 on a $65 bill considered an acceptable tip?

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depends on the amount of time this boomer spent in there
also if this is recent it's prob a delivery fee, so it's fine imo
delivery companies probably make more than they pay their drivers, so fuck 'em. stop working for them and put them out of business or force them to pay their workers better. don't blame the customer in that situation.

inb4 all the europoors cry about tipping at all, tipping is mandatory, even this shitty tip.

I'd have to know more about the service provided to make a fair judgement, but less than even 10% is either fuckhead behavior or she was an absolute twat and playing the victim.

Tipping is not mandatory

Every tip is a good tip

If you get a job where you entire income is based off tips, you're a fucking mong.

>EuroFag here

Five bucks on a $65 bill is nothing short of an insult to the server. You're actively telling her that you thought he/she sucked.

Any nation with tipping is embarrassing.

If we stopped importing people from south of the border and from Streetshitistan to replace local low income workers, we wouldn't even be having this question since the labor shortage would force businesses to pay FOH a competitive wage.

Source on the girl? I keep seeing this troll thread posted but never get an answer on who this qt is and I'm really running out of 'tip' sexual innuendo puns.

What did hypothetical you do that was worth $12 for one meal? There’s limits to our income as well.

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Tipping is customary in many European countries, Germany, Austria, Czechia etc

You mean Britcucks and Australian idiots

How can you live thinking like this omg lol

That fact that your waiters and waitresses require tips on their job to survive is ridiculous, what does that say about your country?

She does her job and I pay for my food, simple as.

Tipping is not a city in China.

Now get the fuck out of my bar.

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Considering all she probably did was write down the order, type it into a computer, bring the plates when they were cooked and offered refills and took empty plates away I think it was a fine tip.

america is finished

I've tipped a quarter once. She deserved it though.

To be honest. It depends if the person has worked in restaurants or not.
I find ones who have tip better than the others

It's not mandatory. Stop with the mental gymnastics to try to justify it

I live in the UK and we don't tip all the time, if I've been out for a big meal with family we would usually put something down for the server as they've had to deal with a large number of people.

If I leave UK to go on holiday I will always try to tip, I only do this as a sign of respect as I'm not in my home country and would like to thank them for serving me as if I was a local.

Me and a group of about 11 friends went to Amsterdam last year for a friends birthday. We went for a meal and it came to a total of around 160 euros, we all put money together and tipped our waitress about 65 euro which was around 5 euro each. She wasn't expecting it and when we gave her it she was over the moon.

Why does she look like a man?

waiters and waitresses prefer tipping because they make more money, customers prefer tipping because it allows them to input how they feel about the service, buisiness's prefer tipping because they have a wider profit margin
literally a win win win

that's not a source

1. waiters and waitresses prefer tipping because they make more money

1a. That's jusut fucking stupid, if they prefer tips then they shouldn't complain when they get one, they should be happy they got one in the first place.

2.customers prefer tipping because it allows them to input how they feel about the service

2a. If they want to let them know about the service, ask for the manager and inform them that the service was shit or excellent, or just say to the waiter/ waitress "You're service was shite" or "You're service was really good", You can then tip if you wish. Having to tip to inform them of how their service was is a waste of fucking money.

3.buisiness's prefer tipping because they have a wider profit margin

3a. I understand that but restaurant will or should be paying the servers wage so they don't need tips. If that isn't the case and their entire income from the jobs is from tips then sorry buddy, looks like you chose the wrong job.

If the service wasn't great (but not shitty) it's ok. If the service was good, it's not enough.

kek. you just don't understand the true spirit of the chan. we're nihilistic anarchists… with a twist.
we don't care if they were "innocent" (who is truly innocent, anyway?)
we just want to watch the world burn

I hate Americans. Fucking mutt retards.

Why is it being accepted to be paid dirt poor wage and rely on tips in the first place to survive?

It's over 5% so that's OK unless it's burgerland where 20% is the sign that you hated it.

/thread indeed

I tip 20%, but I’m not a heeb