Black men fuck white girls in 2020 by the dozens, most pathetic racists try to deny it, or rationalize it...

Black men fuck white girls in 2020 by the dozens, most pathetic racists try to deny it, or rationalize it, but its happening on a much wider scale.

It's true, none of you will ever have children, but if you did, your daughter would get blacked, time to get used to that, this isn't even cuckold shit, it's just reality.

Yeah sure, maybe she marries a white guy, but inbetween she will get fucked by black cock, the old ways of 'hurr durr, she better not have sex once with a black....", forget that, majority of white girls try black cock at one time or another, you will have to share a girl with black cock but most of you won't get laid so whatever.

Black men are superior to the white race, white race is awkward, fap to 'hentai', semi-gay (read roman history) and very feminine.

Most traps are white, brazilian, and asian. Black men are alpha men and they are fucking white pure Nordic and American women daily and there is absolutely nothing you pathetic tiny cuck racists can do about it save cry yourself to sleep.

>"m-muh day of the r-rope! k-kill all racetraitors"

Never gonna happen. Besides, America is a Judaized and negrified nation, accept and embrace your fate, breed out the mental anti-social genetics that exist in your inferior white genetic code.

Black men have healthy DNA, we all came from Africa originally.

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>Black men fuck white girls in 2020 by the dozens

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Faggot piece of shit subhuman spamming fucking blacked threads fuck you I hope you get raped to death by a pack of wild niggers (although I bet you would like that like the dirty faggot you are) I hope there’s an accident and you lose both your hands so you can never post again I’m sick of this cuckoldry fetish on this board I don’t give a shit about white guilt or small dick complex it’s a stupid fucking fetish we know that but you retards come here every fucking hour of every fucking day saying “durr wait why there's only one blacked thread there must be 848484944949 threads I'm gonna make them myself” why don’t you pull your head out of your ass do the world a favor and get a fucking shotgun and end your posting career early I’m sick of coming to Yas Forums and seeing this subhuman fetish and always the same fucking complaints about it just stop fucking posting this these videos aren’t even interesting just stop it I hope the skull is ripped out of your head and your brains are split in two and then they’re both put back and the process is repeated over and over I hope you live in abject misery I never want to see a thread about this again I hope your spine is split in half I hope your heart is clogged with cum I fucking hate these stupid fucking low quality threads we need a permanent ban on these threads I want the mods to just fucking end this and I don’t even like them fuck off just do it stop posting yes we get it it fucking sucks you’re the one who sucks for posting it whether you like it or not you’re a fucking cancer cell killing this board I’m sick and tired of you people being alive if were deleted off the internet this board would be so great as people realized cucks were never coming back I’m fucking begging you here please stop posting cuck shit stop posting about how you like and support black cock and stop posting about how you dislike or hate white masculinity just stop making threads about this shit

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saved never seen so much virgin rage in one post

It's too bad your ancestors didn't get gassed, you kike fuck.

We're onto you JIDF.

Your game is up.

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Just found out yesterday my white wife is pregnant with our first white baby. She barely tolerates it when a nigger serves our food.

Shill harder, Schlomo.

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Like the TV shows of the time, Happy Days is a good example.

Why were they all happy ?

No groids on the show lol

he's right tho, you're all pathetic with this. your shittyness is his virgin rage multiplied by a million. you're posting black dicks all day like a pathetic, frustrated loner. we hate you as much as you hate women and yourself, even more. the fact that you've posted so much and assumed all of this to the point of no return makes you sad beyond belief. after thousands of these threads most people are not even aggravated anymore, we just pity you. we keep hiding these shit threads and currently you're probably in an echo chamber with your other pathetic loser pals, since literally no one is interested in this subject the same way that you are. you're just sad.

i'm better off being a virgin than being a cuck like you

For every black baby being born, three starve to death.

I love living in a negrified nation. god bless america.

he's a virgin too user, he's saving himself for a pack of elephant dong niggers because that's the only way he'd be truly satisfied.

When I think about how much better off the world would be without kikes, it makes me sad.

I hope he gets killed by those niggers after they have done his ass. Cucks are like cockroaches, if you can kill one you are making the world a better place even if just a little, the less the better.

wouldn't kill, just chemically castrated since the useless cuck genes are unworthy. then forced labour since they love being a slave so much.

Too bad you have moron level IQs


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hello?? based department?

why you post this? who cares?

I don't give a damn who other people fuck - black or white or yellow or red, gay or straight or bi, whatever.
I live my life, they can live theirs.

Of course you bring Nordic people into it. What is up with racists of both sides being obsessed with us?

seriously i cant understand why anyone would be bothered by this to the extent of making a post

if its for trolling its just boring, trolling is teenager shit

>This fuckin guy gets it.

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If any of you get doxxed, you're dead in 24 hours. I will come for you without hesitation.

They are Americans

Then you and your wife are cunts. I hope you baby is a girl. She will worship the black cock.

How big is your penis? Don't lie

I will kill all the jews.

the projecting with these dudes is just insane. it's like you can actually feel how clenched his teeth were while writing this.

tbh she's punching up to have a bf like him.

Most women around here are repulsed by niggers. Yeah you see some nigs with white women, but they are usually obese, tattooed, white trash, or a combination of the three. In other words, the bottom of the barrel.

I did see a situation where a white dude I knew had a long term slam pig gf... She ended up getting preggo, and had the kid.

I learned then most babies come out relatively white. But that baby got darker and darker over time. Once user finally realized, he kicked her and 'her nigger baby' out...calling it that to her.

The hoe told the real baby daddy and him and his monkey entourage beat the shit out of the cuck.

Quite hilarious, but really it's the dudes fault for trying to date a fat trailer park coal burner.

Quality women will rarely if ever prefer niggers. Quite ironically been with a few Spanish and even nigresses that hate brown/black dudes and opt for white guys exclusively.

For a laugh check out back page or social dating sites, look at the percentage of women that implicitly state 'no black guys'.

Sure there is a fetish for some, like beastiality. But in reality its more of a fringe preference it seems. I'm basing that off of talking with real women not propaganda constantly pumped into a weeb fag board, so what do I know.

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you gotta get your fat pasty ass out of that worn down gaming chair first