I need help hiding a camera

I need help hiding a camera
>pic extremely related
I'm trying to catch my roomate stealing shit from me. He's a loser alcoholic (who's dad owns the building we live in). He steals liquor, food etc. any suggestions?

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If you caught him, would anything be done about it?

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Let me translate what you really mean.
>how do I hide this in women's bathrooms without it being detected.
>i work as a janitor in primary school and want to use this in little girls toilets
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he doesn't steal enough to move out but it's enough to be annoying AF. I get a pretty good deal on rent (los angeles) nothing crazy but below market. he has definitely denied stealing shit but it would be hard to justify surveiling him without tellin

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I would likely show it to him if he tried denying it again.

maybe with the leverage afforded to me by the footage I could organize a sick situation like this. sounds so hot

I thought of something interesting...camouflage...get another electric doodad or something with a battery compartment...place it inside...leave it sit out with the cover and batteries laying out, nonchalantly on a corner table...god I'm so smart on dimethyl alanine 1,3

So he's your roommate and your dad owns the house. So he's your brother.?

Let's say you catch him, what actions are you going to take on him? What will this accomplish? You admit his dad owns the building. Exactly what leverage do you have over this thief if you present evidence to others?

That's illegal. Unless he's aware there's a camera in the building he's renting. If he finds it (he will) you will be sued for far more then he stole.

Based and truthpilled.

Then what?? What if he does it again. What are you gonna do??


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If you want a legit answer. Put it in your smoke alarm. Drill a hole in the case just big enough for the lens, nobody looks twice at them. If you want my real answe. Push it into your urethra so you can film the throte of him, his dad or you.

this is a pretty good idea. I may try it. with which device you think?

haha, good guess. but no the situation is as I described. old family friends.

Chuck it in the smoke alarm

I'm not saying this is a good or rational Idea but its one I've considered due to the fact that I have so little control or leverage in this situation. At the very least I'll be able to keep track of what he steals better and charge his dad for it. the last thing he took was an expensive bottle of liquor. denied it. pic somewhat related

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trying to figure out how to put it on top of the fridge

OP is going to court.

Nailed it fuckwit. What do you think the first thing they do when they investigate you is?

By searching your fucking electronic history. Dipshit pervert. You cant even hide your perverted identity here, what make you think you'll get away with this? 60minutes will have you on again soon

why is this a more likely scenario.
come to think of it, the best way would be to tell him I just put a security camera in !


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Hope the tennants and victims press criminal charges

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so here's what you do, buy another bottle of decent shit, keep it in your room and drink it whatever. Once the bottle is empty, fill it with some meths or white spirit and put it somewhere he'll see. Fagoot will drink the turps and seriously fuck himself up, serves the little faggot right for stealing shit that wasnt his

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security camera would be obvious crime deterrant.

But OP wants to spy on kids and tennants. (fucking boomer)

I wouldnt mind if it wasnt so discustingly transparent.

>how do you do fellow kids, i also have issues with my dad.

I mean this dude definitely sucks dick, but I dont want to hurt him. I mostly pity him, hes such a fucking loser. this can also be just a roomate thread. how have you guys dealt with roomates stealing from you in the past?

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It honestly just makes me feel so helpless and fucking shitty. I hate being taken advantage of. I've been pretty forgiving and given him the opportunity to replace shit but he just doesn't. I confronted him semi-aggressively and he apologized and said he would replace all this shit. but he hasnt. I dont know him well but i suspect hes a pathological liar

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OP has ignored everything but these and the legal advice.

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