If an American President loses more Americans over the course 6 weeks than died in the entirety of the Vietnam War...

If an American President loses more Americans over the course 6 weeks than died in the entirety of the Vietnam War, does he deserve to be re-elected?

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JFK would have got re-elected. So, yes.

Solely for the purpose of pissing off leftys.

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stunning brave and powerful

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4 more years bud
cry about it

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Not this shit again. I'll be glad when schools reopen so you won't be able to post this every day.

you aren't a real person

trump done about the same as the EU as a whole, if Trump is doing such a bad job then basically all government leaders should step down internationally

Uh oh second very real person here to say Trump didn't cause the covid-19 virus and those deaths are in no way on him. But hay that's just like my opinion man.

>does he deserve to be re-elected?
Yes, because this is natural selection! Only the strongest survive. This pandemic is strengthening the us public.

Sounds like you have a touch of schizophrenia there buddy.

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divided you stand united youll fall

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>Nowitzki and White
Don't you know that those two are war criminals?

Yes. Fuck you American scumbags.

Hopefully thinning the herd is working and your average IQ goes up.

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Stupidity killed those Americans. If they were clever enough, they would have survived. Don't blame the President for all the dumbass mistakes people are making

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kek. you just don't understand the true spirit of the chan. we're nihilistic anarchists… with a twist.
we don't care if they were "innocent" (who is truly innocent, anyway?)
we just want to watch the world burn

who cares. nobody I know has died

These dumb suckers are killed by their own mistakes. However, America is getting cleaner and stronger the more idiots die. The rest will reelect Donniebuddy

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Tlump the gleatest Plesident of all times will be le-elected. Xi loves Tlump and so does the Chinese people. Hail Tlump!

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so do the Chinese people (typo)

Dont worry Kenneth got this

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Hey man, the only obvious solution to a global pandemic is to have the federal government stand down and to have your son in law contract out businesses to profit from it.

Liberals just don't have any faith in Christian Capitalism like real Americans do.

Trump didn't create the virus. Anyone stupid enough to believe that should kill themselves. However, he did let it get worse than necessary by calling it a hoax for 2 months. He an arrogant ass that's "takes no responsibility" for his actions. I think the president in the United States should probably take responsibility for his actions, but I guess people who have gotten what they want don't have to. That being said he did a good job with economy so I don't really care if he gets reelected. But that's just my opinion man.

Short answer, no.

Imagine claiming to hate someone then getting tattooed with gay porn of that person

>implying chink flu is trump fault.
Holy shit you're disabled.

True Trumptard.

So by that measure i guess none of the govenors & senators of say the top 5 states hit should also not get re-elected.
What people dont understand is the president has very few powers to really do anything inside the states. It takes more than just one man to make the whole thing work. Its total failure from the top down.

I have Mao getting dp'd by trump and Maggie Thatcher with a strap on.

ITT niggers that slept through history classes and don't know what the fuck happened during two world wars. Bitch, we fought the revolutionary war during a smallpox pandemic, and won. Neck yourself.

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