I finally got my clitty cage on!

I finally got my clitty cage on!
Alright Yas Forums how long should i wear it for my first time?

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Gross. End your life please

what a waste your cock looks kinda big

what size is it? the dick.

but that's a penis


7 inch when hard.

what's the most consecutive days you've ever gone without cumming?

About 5 days. Got a high sex drive

can i see it hard?

Already got the cage on lol

you don't have any pics of it hard?!?

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Oh found this one!

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ok, then you're doing a week with your clitty caged. How about it? You get to play with your ass whenever you want and you obviously can take the cage off for cleaning, but no touching outside that.
This is what I would propose, in general:
Once the week is over you can masturbate once, then back into the cage for 10 days. You can subtract one day if you ruin your orgasm before going back in.
After those 10 days one orgasnm then 13 days (which you can reduce to 12 if you ruin the orgasm), and so on. You add 3 days every time.

the last guy i topped had a small one, i wasn't interested since i'm a switch. has to be at least as big as mine! your tummy looks really cute. i'd like to kiss it >_< you look like you take good care of yourself!

FYI everyone, OP is a degenerate jew working for the JIDF pushing degeneracy.

We're onto you.

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Incorrect! Fuck jews, hitler did nothing wrong!

nibba has a love sore on his peepee ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

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I do take care of myself, i eat right and i work out every day.

oh please, like it isn't written in the Talmud that lying is acceptable and encouraged. Your comment doesn't mean shit to your defence.

Could do that. Such an odd number to add 3 each time. My ocd wont like that.

BS. I've been studying. I know my shit.

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i wish i could find a cute boy to work out with me, before we left everyone at the college gym was so masculine. i have a thing for fem types, you know?
anyway in response to your original post, wear it for a week straight at first. then ejaculate, but each time you do you have to add another day at an exponential rate
so 1 day at first, then 2, then 3, then eventually you'll only be cumming once a month, then once a year!

Yas Forums is dead and trans are eating it's corpse.

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>clitty cage

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Ill go for that adding one day plan, Sounds good.
And it'd be awesome to have a workout buddy.

too bad social distancing is cucking me out of clapping those cheeks after a nice workout

which one is that?

Yeah fuck this damn plague

>omg hard dicks!

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You a CUTE!


Yas Forums may be dead. Not trans though.