Hay b, smoov boi here. In the mood to discuss deep questions and post a few noods. Come chat with me

Hay b, smoov boi here. In the mood to discuss deep questions and post a few noods. Come chat with me.

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fucking kill yourself you degenerate fucking AIDS suffering faggot

Interesting first replay but ok then. Why should I kill myself?

how has the quarantine been affecting you?

Why do people think just because foods are more expensive they tatse better?

Been stuck at home with my family. Had to move out of my college dorm and my classes have been much harder for me online. How about you?

Die already. Please God, let OP get Corona Virus AIDS hybrid.

Online classes are kicking my ass. I am not a good student in the first place and now I have to motivate myself? Sucks about your college dorm tho

Hmm.. I think most people would say that it's the freshness of the ingredients but I would argue it's the person cooking it that's more important. Fast food places can make pretty good food by stuffing it full of salt and fat but real restaurants don't get ingredients that different from what you could at home but a single dish would cost much more and it's because of the chef.

post more noods

Oof I really know the feeling. I've failed one of my classes just because I missed an exam date because I didn't see the teacher set it. Its been really hard to motivate.

Here ya go

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:( I'm really sorry you feel that way about another person. Hope you have a great day.

try and write things down. I started writing important dates on an physical planner and that's been helping me out a bit

hot af

Thx! I did write a few days down at first but it got hard to just find things online. Either way I appreciate the suggestion.

Ahh thx bb. ;3

Dear Sirs,

I do believe that you're here to participate in the fun on this Yas Forumsoard however, it has most certainly come to my attention that you do not wish to remove the pornfaggory from our beloved Yas Forumsoard. I therefore ask you if thou can respectfully remove thou self from thou Yas Forumsoard if thee does not wish to destroy thee pornfaggory monstrosity that our beloved Yas Forumsoard has become in to days homosexual society. May the yellow flags fly high in the sky and thou porn fags rot in the dirt.

Long live Yas Forums

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Do you think China or anyone will be held accountable for COVID-19?

Also let's see you frog butt

Gotta say I love this much more then the "fuck off fag". Very creative. Almost makes me wanna leave >w

np bro always tryna help a college Yas Forumsro out. Also, got any pics with thigh highs? That's my shit

Ohhh. Ive been talking about this. I really don't think they will (at least not by the un) unless we have some really REALLY hard evidence. Granted I don't know much about what evidence we do have but China is so freaking good at covering stuff up I think this is gonna become another tiananmen square meme.

Also think this is the closest thing I got. Like I said to quarintine question. I'm stuck at my family home so these are all saved noods

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Don't leave the board, just leave the pornfag shit at the door. There are plenty other baords for that type of stuff.

Long live Yas Forums

any d pics ;)

Ugh sorry but nah. I'm stuck at home like I said for the quarintine but I'm gonna do some cute kinda photo shoots when I movie back out.

Here ya go ;3

Closer up pick available if ya want it.

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Are you a virgin? If not whats the story op

ofc, anything you feel like posting


Honestly your too nice >w

you mean /soc/

Very nice

I feel like the very least we should do is attach huge import tariffs to chinese merch to hit them where it hurts. Canada donated a bunch of equipment to them and then when we need it, they send sub par shit we can't even use.

I see your point, I think they should create a new board called /pr/ for porn randon, same as this board but dedicated to posting porn (within the law). I've been coming on Yas Forums since the pool was closed days and I miss those days. Now the site is filled with "rate my cock" "trap n sissy" threads and it's boring.

Some of the porn shit I see on Yas Forums can be good so i don't want it gone, I think it should move to another board or have it's own board.

Oh damn... this is actually really slutty.

I didn't loose my vcard until college but since then I've been with girls and guys... But as for my first time? When I got 5o college I downloaded grindr and tindr because I already knew I was bi. But guys uhh... get to it... faster then girls. And I was sooooooo freaking sexually repressed so I took the first guy that msged me. He got me to meet him in a school bathroom after all classes where over and when I got there he had a friend (without telling me) I was shocked but still so down. They did pretty much anything they wanted to me sucking fucking choking but then they finished and left really really quickly and that was that still don't know their names.

Tldr: I lost my v card to two strangers in a public bathroom.

That's grim that bro

As hard as it might be to believe (me posting gay coom fuel) I was around at that time too and I gotta agree b was way more fun back then.

Dono what would really stop all the mindless porn posts tho. Cuz the mods ain't gonna.

Don't look so close >w

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That would be the us acting alone as far as I know. So if the public was outraged enough and the un didn't step in. I could see that happening.

Have any doggy style

There's always been gay shit on Yas Forums but now Yas Forums it's full of gay shit. I ain't got no problem with gays but I do have a problem with my favorite board being filled with it daily. There's no fun to be had on here anymore, just smacking one out to some dude who thinks he's a chick.

It's not something that would happen over night, it is a gradual thing.

Long live Yas Forums


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