G/fur, tie me down and fuck me stupid edition

g/fur, tie me down and fuck me stupid edition

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kill yourself yiff in hell furfag gtfo my b

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mmmmm yes daddy, now slap my ass beet red and spit on my back like the little fag that I am

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I need food, then I'll sleep.

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Or I can simply cut your throat and let you bleed. It's more fun and I'm doing something good at the same time. I hope your parents die a cruel death, you useless fagot

I promise to leave my pp alone, no matter how rock hard and throbbing it is D; I just wish you weren't so sexy when you're mad, it almost makes we wanna keep being a bad boiii

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ohhh now that's kinky

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what do you have to nom on??

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That was one of you right? He got his sexy punishment lol

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What a disgusting specimen

I had cereal.

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Posting s in a gfur

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I would love to see your throbing cock rn but you better stop thinking about becoming a bad boi or otherwise i will have to threat you shittier than what i tought i would. Lovely idea, knowing how you reacted when i bursted and you were edging i would love to make you envy me even more~

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Unlike you faggots, he still had his dignity and honor


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I dunno, I think his dignity was lost somewhere in the vomit he got all over himself

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mmmmmf yesss, make me your bitch and rub my nose it in

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I'm a filthy lil slut, having a man dominate me and violate my dignity and honor is what makes me cum ;3

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The absolute state of subs

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For real, hearing some stuff subs say just amazes me haha. I'd love to have a horny little sweetheart like Goats tbh, being with a guy whose sole objective is to remind you how superior you are to him has to be a blast.

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If you're really sleepy go sleep then, just be careful so that you dont become more of a Bad boy you horny slut, you better keep those hands off your dick! A chastity would be perfect now to lock you up this night so that i could have sure you didnt do naughty things to yourself~

Either way, have a wonderful sleep lil pet! And remember to not play with your lil dick!

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Oh that makes me happy for you But can it be that we have a different view of violence? I would like to hit you with a blunt object until blood comes out of your ears and mouth. After that I would use pliers to pull your teeth and fingernails off and send them to your parents in an envelope. Oh, that would be so cool, I'm already excited and horny :)