I just had been humiliated by some SJW, ask me about it

I just had been humiliated by some SJW, ask me about it

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Psh, my mom was an SJW. I was humiliated everyday, and even still am. My life is a big humiliation.

It should be the other way around you white knight simp. It's so easy to point out the bullshit in any SJW logic

Larp more tranny faggot

There were too many vs one single nigga like me, and i don't want that the people beat the shit out of me

Don't be an asshole, you should fight back

I will, these nigga wants revenge

Want to start a war between SJWs and Yas Forums? I'm all in for it. What about you?

I am ready for sacrifice my self for my favorite shitty website

HEIL Yas Forums

HEIL Yas Forums

Discord: /zQ2gZ8
Let's go start a war! Hail Yas Forums!


OP self posting with VPN

what did they do exactly? youre sounding like the quartering at this point..

>Be me
>Waking up after a long post-drepression nap
>open facebook
>My fag friend message me
>"hey bro the entire group really hates you"
>Getting out my shit.jpg
>Check my classroom chat
>See all this sjfaggosts posting shit about some classmates and me
>getting realized that this can fuck my entire college career
>Go to Yas Forums and post it

yeah, but what did you do or say?

surely it's not identity politics or you could just claim victimhood, and boom youre right back in..

What did you say? or are you just a bystander to this bullying?

I was a bystander
Sometimes in the past i had some argues with this girls, and apparently now i am the worst person in this world

I already made a denunciation to my university and i am waiting for a reply

Details, negro. We need details. How tf did your lame ass get btfo by some shitters who can't even think critically?

doesnt sound right user.

whats your fault in this? Your projecting over everything else and not hitting why you've been wronged.

>i had some argues with this girl

you must have been the most polite, upstanding person in all of this.

What did you actually say to her to trigger her, or have her twist to her friends?

I'm willing to be on your side, but you need to rationalize what happened to find the easiest path to fixing it.

Yes SJWs and girls can be gossipy but a group HATING you for some argues in the past with one girl?

Long time ago i decide to be friend of this fuckers but when i realized what was happening it was to late.
Some months ago i was passing trought a heavy depression and i tell all about my life to this fuckers.
The time pass and i tried to get out all this people of my life, and due to some actions where i tried to avoid them finally the post a shit ton of lies and stuff that i told them during my depression and now i am fuck cause' this fuckers can turn my entire career into a shit.
While this shit was exploting i was sleeping

When i was passing trought my depression a very comon fact was the neurosis.
When i suffer this attacks i tend to be a jerk with the people.
I had some argues about "why you should make jokes of everything" and the simple shit of "if you don't support me you are my enemy"

Full honesty here user.
sounds like you tried to get a date with a girl by saying youre suicidal if she doesn't love you back...

Speak clearly, retard. You can literally deny all of his shit. It sounds like you're stupid to begin with if you trusted somebody who backstabbed you so quickly that deeply.

Jesus! First of all, are you ESL? I dont give a fuck if you are. Just tell us so I can know whether or not to expect proper fucking sentences from you. Ffs you're in college. Even if you are ESL, you need to learn how to type, faggot.

Second, lol. Weak willed on top of stupid. You might as well off yourself, friend. If you can't handle your own shit in an appropriate and mature manner, you probably need to hit the reset button on life.

Third, you must have said SOMETHING for them to hate you so much. What inappropriate joke or comment did you make? I say a lot of assholish shit, and people still love me like I'm their fucking child and brother. Then again, they are SJW fags, and fags are the absolute worst friends. Literally bitches with a man's body.

answer the fucking question OP

you tried being a manipulator and it back fired didnt it?

I tried to be a manipulator but i regret it and change my mind

This girls accused me for rape a girl, and being in favor por porn not childporn. PORN

The story of the "rape" was a backfired with a girl 3 years ago where she acuseed me of rape, at the end she didn't win the case due to the lack of provees and the fact that she or his family didn't present to the judgment.
But i told this story to th SJW and they are using it against me.
Also the accused me for being and stalker, i know that i am a weirdo but never in my entire life i harass someone.
This is no only with me, the other 3 guys were acussed of thinks like saying gay jokes

are you?

were you rapey??

dont drag this shit out like
only the whole and convincing truth will set you free

Sorry for all the miss-spells guys i just trying to express all of what i need to say buy i gues that i sound like a fucking demon or a lolcow.

so you forced yourself on a girl you were dating when she wasnt ready.

youve defended ages gaps in the past..

were getting close to the truth

i will help you user, but be honest with me.
i had to guess and drag that out of you ITT thats not good enough

I am not a rapist, that's the truth

Neither, more like a moronic schizo rambling about the deepstate. How about you start from the top and give us a rundown of EVERYTHING so we can actually try and help you salvage your college and social life, faggot. Quit holding out on us. This is the ocean of the internet. After this thread dies, nobody will remember you were ever here.

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