Roll dubs > send this pic to your gf/wife/female friend > post reactions here...

Roll dubs > send this pic to your gf/wife/female friend > post reactions here. Let's get some solid responses this morning anons, yesterday's thread was pure gold

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my wife's seen my porn folder and said nothing of the furries. Why would this surprise her

I'm all for these threads, I like the idea of anons sending embarassing stuff and seeing the reaction.... but why does it ALWAYS have to be blacked stuff? Can't it be something else? I mean in the past I've tried to make anons send stuff like chastity or pegging because that's the embarassing stuff I'm personally into... I think leaving an element of surprise (in the user not knowing what they're going to send until some other user gives them instructions) would also make the whole thing more fun, wouldn't it?

send it to ur gf fag

Start by sending and providing mr dubs

nah, didn't roll. Me and my gf don't speak english anyway, you wouldn't really be able to enjoy it kek

Where did the last thread go, what was the conclusion?

nice dubs ya got there


Lol. My wife's response (the message woke her up). Eww. Niggers are disgusting. Lmao.

wow based

Hey OP, everyone knows the JIDF is behind this.

This is all you are in 2020, don't ever forget it.

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how long do you think those dicks are? Do you think the tips are touching at the stomach?

Nice try JIDF

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Faggot piece of shit subhuman spamming fucking blacked threads fuck you I hope you get raped to death by a pack of wild niggers (although I bet you would like that like the dirty faggot you are) I hope there’s an accident and you lose both your hands so you can never post again I’m sick of this cuckoldry fetish on this board I don’t give a shit about white guilt or small dick complex it’s a stupid fucking fetish we know that but you retards come here every fucking hour of every fucking day saying “durr wait why there's only one blacked thread there must be 848484944949 threads I'm gonna make them myself” why don’t you pull your head out of your ass do the world a favor and get a fucking shotgun and end your posting career early I’m sick of coming to /gif/ and seeing this subhuman fetish and always the same fucking complaints about it just stop fucking posting this these videos aren’t even interesting just stop it I hope the skull is ripped out of your head and your brains are split in two and then they’re both put back and the process is repeated over and over I hope you live in abject misery I never want to see a thread about this again I hope your spine is split in half I hope your heart is clogged with cum I fucking hate these stupid fucking low quality threads we need a permanent ban on these threads I want the mods to just fucking end this and I don’t even like them fuck off just do it stop posting yes we get it it fucking sucks you’re the one who sucks for posting it whether you like it or not you’re a fucking cancer cell killing this board I’m sick and tired of you people being alive if were deleted off the internet this board would be so great as people realized cucks were never coming back I’m fucking begging you here please stop posting cuck shit stop posting about how you like and support black cock and stop posting about how you dislike or hate white masculinity just stop making threads about this shit

Rolling in the deep

Won't deliver

something like this?

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erotic as fuck

You know what's even better ?

jewesses giving it up to refugees lol

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It's a kike/leftist psyop. The person doing it may be a rube and is likely not even a jew, but he's brainwashed to endlessly do it,none the less. My faith in humanity wants to believe he's "rolling" himself with a proxy or it's just a bot and it's not actual anons falling for it.

This garbage needs to be deleted on sight by mods. It's beyond cancer.

It's not a bot, they've changed the way they do business when they found out about word filtering on here.

stfu. If mods did that there would be no actual threads on Yas Forums anymore. Every thread is copypasta


So all threads except political flamewars and fake nigger dicks are fake?

if you filter out the words bbc, boi, apologize, slavery etc you won't see these threads anymore.

OP realised it and yesterday instead of posting 'this is the future of white boys' they posted 'this is the future of boys'.


Isn't the guy who posts his cuck discord server in these threads the one who's behind this?

yes, most replies too. Look at this nigga
like you'd need a pea sized brain to roll on a non roll thread. But there he is. A bot programmed to do this. Sometimes they roll the wrong thread.

This is a roll thread tho

but he's the only one that's rolled. He (it) would not follow through even if it got quints