I've taken 120 ug LSD last night, for the first time. The hallucinations were at the peak after 4 hours from taking...

I've taken 120 ug LSD last night, for the first time. The hallucinations were at the peak after 4 hours from taking, later disappeared after around next 2. However, it was said the acid will cause its effects from 8 to 10 hours and then disappear, however it's already 14 hours and my mind is still racing and creating too bad and crazy things after closing the eyes, I can't fall asleep either. My chest has still very big pressure on it, plus I feel nauseous all the time since the beginning, and now it's actually the worst, it didn't happen so even during the peak. I feel like dying but it's already 14 hours from taking it. Is it normal for it to happen so long?

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You will always feel like shit after taking psychedelics.

Yes chill out, smoke a little weed if you can and listen to some chill music quietly, you'll be fine mate

Sounds like 2ci or some shit. A lot easier to over do, and you can OD on it.

You should try and just chill out, your all worked up making it worse, or face the fear head on and work it out.

Look up hallucinogen persisting perception disorder. It will help you sleep to know the facts.

>You will always feel like shit after taking psychedelics.
[x] No

I took LSD at 3PM and was still wide awake and tripping in bed at 6AM the next morning, kept thinking I needed a shit and that my ass was gonna fall out my arse

Still had flashes of light and colours swirling and felt floaty and even the next day at 3PM I felt like I wasn't tripping but I still hadn't reached the ground yet

I was praying that night for something to put me to sleep. Just gotta ride it out, OP.

this is why this shit is not legal

don't do this shit Yas Forumsros

i microdosed LSD and i kinda regret it even though nothing happened besides not being able to sleep and feeling kinda... strange

whatever you do just stay the fuck away from my car stereo.

You'll eventually fall asleep, and you'll be all better when you wake up, trust me. LSD can have afterglow for up to 24 hours after ingestion, don't worry, opie.

very hard to chill out, I even have some suicidal thoughts now, it is terrible
that's not how the trip was meant to be, especially there was no bad trip effects in first 4 hours

You're a piece of shit.

Relax, you're going to be fine. Just kick back, settle down, maybe watch some TV or listen to some music, you'll be okay. You can hit me up on Kik if you'd like someone to talk to
Kik: debtsdue666

do your research before you decide to trip. psychs are not toys and neither is your sanity.

You need to change you environment to something else, it's change your headspace so quickly

During a trip is no time to look that shit up, you're so suggestible while you're on it.

it's really hard after not sleeping for whole night, the chest pressure and sudden bad thoughts doesn't make it easier

still, thanks a lot for all of your guys help, it's good to see some tips

You've OD'd, go to the hospital.

Expect an acid trip from start to finish to be like 12-24 hours
You freaking out probably made it worse. Why's you take such a dose without knowing what to expect?
I'm assuming you mean real lsd rn

Don't do this you'll be ok just listen to music and drink water

You're just caught up in the feeling and you're overthinking the trip. Don't try to get too entangled with anything that you think or feel just let it happen. If it is unpleasant just breath and remember it's the drug. You'll be ok but you need to calm down before you get yourself all worked up.

This is not good at all. This is probably the time you will have to call 911

well, everyone told around 80-120 ug is the beginners dose, so I thought it was fine, and 120 was the smallest I found
I knew what to expect, but it's so long from the beginning, 15th hour already and still there. I already had like warping faces, vivid colors phase in first 4 hours, in next ones it went downhill

Every time i've tripped, it's a solid 24 hours before I can even attempt going to sleep

The chest pressure is most likely your rib cage being pried open by the demons under your skin, but try not to think about that right now.

Get help immediately, your body is telling you that you're going to die and it's right. Get help as soon as possible or die. Simple as that.

If there's pressure on your chest, call 911 immediately. Getting caught doing drugs is the least of your worries right now.

You're thinking about it too much.
I promise you that you'll be ok but you have to believe that.
Do whatever you need to do to calm down. Count deep belly breaths up to 10 if you can focus that long and keep in mind whatever is going on in your head is a hallucination and can't hurt you.

Pressure in the chest is normal.
You're fine.

Chest pain? Well, RIP OP

This guy wants OP to die, don't listen

Hoping this is real.

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thats what you get for taking LSD you fucking retard go neck yourself

It's probably not real acid and you have overdosed.