What is the greatest human creation?

What is the greatest human creation?

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The blowjob


The sewer system


Everything that aren't created by joos or muricans

Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool, imagine being this dumb, my goat gave me a blowjob 5 years LMAO are you retarded or something?

Large Hadron Collider

Probably things like Yas Forums, woman, man, boats, bridges, relative safety in communities in my country. Musical intruments and how far music and 3d tech has come also drugs mostly club drugs we should be proud of ourselfs as long as we are true to ...the heart of the program ; )

What the fuckis this person talking about? You got sucked off by a got, dude?

So fucking what???? Fucking retard, its animal like any other. It sucks. So what?? It gives milk so it can give blowjob too. Fucking big deal retard. You rpobably never got a blowjkob. Fucing loser.
> being this stupid is unbeblievel


I suppose the internet, all of humanities knowledge just 'there' but people use it to tell people that goats can also give blowjobs.

Unpopular opinion: condom

the FFM threesome


the ISS

Internet is completely irrelevant you dumbfuck its like phone but faster tell where is the invention in that thats riths nowhere its completely useless and it just doesnt do anythigne xtra than asomething you could alraedy have before think before you post timsething like that

modern agriculture

Legit answer, either the internet or boats

me obv

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Give me your email, I want to fuck the living shit out of you. I will rape your brain out of your fucking skull.



>trying this hard
The only one here that's going to screenshot this for a reddit thread is you, so you might as well get it over with and fuck off, kiddo

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America. I'm not even joking.

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Try again

And dubs

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oh shit its happpppppening

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you fucking spastic you fucjed it up

And Pete Rose

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bullshit other animals give head, fucking is fun wether you got scales feathers or no thumbs

>What is the greatest human creation?
The holocaust! Am I really the first to mention this?

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And womens with benis

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So you're a furrie?

how big

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Raping an animal in the mouth doesn't make it a blowjob, virgingirl