She is not hot

She is not hot

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mite as well be wearing a burlap sack. she dresses like a FUCKING bag lady

shes just one of the many cancers on todays society and what the kids are in to.

like shitty influencers like jeffree dahmer star.

i would not even let her suck my dick id just let her start then punch her as hard as i could in the back of the head til she knocked out

Its a phenomenon with female wiggers... they tend to want to dress like black males for some reason. lrn2nog?

yet youre still obsessed enough with her to post pictures

I’d still rather fuck her than any of the women posted on this board in shitty fb ig threads.

Jesus christ she looks like a bag lady who temporarily lost her shopping cart

Who hurt you

she's pretty real lookin. probably could actually keep a conversation and might actually smoke a bowl with you instead of just use your for your dick and money .... or just money

Apparently Billie Eilish

she has the dead eyes of an opioid addict. i feel like if she has some shitty face tatts you'd confuse her with lil xan

Kys faggot

She didn't reply to his tweet asking for feet pics. I'd be hurt too, bro. Show some love for OP. We're here for you, faggot!

>posts 1 picture
>yOuRe ObSeSsEd

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She's the pinnacle of hotness and I'm not even a fan.

What a fucking hobo looking stupid ugly twat. You can sell literal shit to the general public and if you convince them its "hip" they will eat it. People are fucking retarded faggots it sickens me that such filth wastes oxygen

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You have any idea the huge boobs she has underneath all those clothes.

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Her huge tits almost make up for the fish lips

greasy, pig-nosed, lazy eye shrek

Thats subjective there chief

Some people would call those blowjob lips :^)

>pic in OP

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I really don't know what the hate is for.
fucking jealously that this bitch has been eating better everyday since she turned 13 than the envious trash making nothing of their lives and just throwing hate?
Stop being a public radio loving faggit then the only time you hear her is by choice?

Billboard Eyelashes

She must've been a great loli, though.
Incredible eyes for a girl partially retarded.

she wasn't a great loli. she was the best

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get lost turbosperg

so sad she went from this to this wonder how many shekels her parents got for it. can they even look themselves in the mirror?

what is this garbage bag?

She's the face of a generation though.