Castrate me

Castrate me.

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Okay, you want elastic bands or the knife I've been cutting raw chicken up with?


took your e-balls. now your e-penis is permanently e-flaccid.

I’ve always wanted to slam a guy’s nuts from behind with a bat

fine, but I'm doing it with a bench vice. and I'm gonna turn it very slowly

Just cut them out

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Ive got an elastrator just too much of a bitch to do it myself

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Only after you impregnate 100 Papuans

Now squeeze

Hook up with some man-hating feminist whore who's into CBT and get her to do it for you

That'd be ideal. Everyones vanilla around here

Your mom’s balls are bigger

My balls are actually kinda big. Its my dick thats small

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Oh that’s cute

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how come you have foreskin left?

Im circumcised but it kinda turtles up

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ever thought about getting it more tightly cut?

I want to castrate and circumcise myself :3
I want my dick to shrink into a limp nub

No, its actually really tight when it gets hard

you should really cut your entire dick and balls off. All you need is a useless little hole to shoot piss out of, maybe cum if you’re able to cum from your asspussy.

got pictures of that then?
post your pp

I'd love being even smaller and impotent

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I can't believe that I'm doing this. But here it is.
Balls tied to strangle the bloodflow

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you really need to get rid of that excess skin, even though it would make it much tighter when hard

don't be an idiot user

that's hot user, how do you plan on circumcising yourself?

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you need to keep it that way all the time

I wish. I always think how much I want to be smaller and impotent