How much do you earn? How old are you? What do you do?

How much do you earn? How old are you? What do you do?

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I can tell your looking for your first job

I make $20-40 a month sometimes on Redbubble and im 19 :/
In my defense no one will hire me

im 24
mechanical engineer (hons degree uni)
37000 USD grad

i earn $1300 a fortnight from covid19 welfare

Stay in school.

25 - £51,500 - Senior Software Engineer

Mitigation tech


Capital equipment sales
106k pre tax

46 years old, $55/hr, timber framer & manlift/telehandler/machine operator
I lose a lot of days because of shit northern weather in the winter. But that's fine by me because I don't need the money that badly to work 40 feet in the air on a windy 5 degree day, not anymore.

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$1200 neetbux

70 Retired 34k year

33y/o teaching english in South Korea.
$3k per year.
$2k re-signing bonus each year.
Current salary*years teaching as severance pay when you leave.
Free furnished apartment.
26 PTO + national holidays
$100 per month for healthcare.

sry, line 2
$30k per year

8k a month. Retired firefighter.

> 3k

Whew lad good catch I was curious


What kind of software do you work on ?

erotic video games

Investment Banking Associate
135k+ 60 to 90 bonus

How to get in your position?

depending on where you live "your" is the correct spelling retard

$108k, 35, patent examination

50k. 35. Logistics/auditing.

Majority of it came after career development. School meant nothing. Loyalty meant nothing. Shopping around and quitting nearly doubled my income in less than 2 years.

I average ~$60,000 a year as an indie game dev.

oh and I am 28 and have been a dev for 8 years now.

Buyer 58k USD

Oh and 27

Junior Network Engineer

I'm public sector and I started to get my shit together later in life after years of stacking shelves. I could easily earn more in the private sector with the experience I have, but I get a lot of freedom/flexibility with the company I'm at plus it nice to be working for something worthwhile rather than some CEOs bank account.

R&D manager- semiconductor company
$240k base plus bonus, options, profit sharing etc.

I've done that, its fucking miserable brother

>School meant nothing
Nothing? Nothing you little twat? What about all the friends, all the girlfriends, all your hard work and dedication? Nothing?! You're better off dead to me.

Sincerely, your alma mater

Ferry boat operator, 28, 30k

Your trolling, right?