How do black guys do it?

How do black guys do it?

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pic related helps - they're huge in bed.

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Because your father failed your sister.

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I know this picture is kike bullshit but it is true. Culture is designed to encourage white girls to have sex with black men. It's disgusting but it does help even ugly blacks get beautiful women.

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Lol, liberals aren't human. Stop supporting the kike agenda with that sort of language.

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Better them then me, i will be over here going my own way.

Black men and white women just go together.

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same. i don't even try anymore.

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Wow, third edit took out the US flag... You guys are proper shit eaters.

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Our women let them, thats how.

They have been pushing these worthless shitskins as something special for a long time.

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What, be subhuman?

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Its so true though. You could hate humanity as a whole and you'll still get laid, but if she finds out youre racist in anyway...

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How do they do what, OP?

Are you aware that human beings of all colors have been fucking since the Big Bang? Imagine getting triggered by the knowledge that strangers are fucking lol

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enough with these threads you putrid kike slime

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Then maybe you should try to stop being racist...just a hunch.

the problem is that if you hold toxic views then you unwittingly project that out into the world and it's incredibly unattractive to women as well as men. people just want to avoid you if you hold poisonous and negative beliefs.

Take your own advice and stop making nigger threads.

Yeah but alot niggers or (african americans) have poisonous and negative beliefs and are swimmin in pussy. Muslim extremists still get pussy. Our women hate us. Fuck trying to be what they want and try to meet all their requirements, they dont want us anyway

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Goodbye White man see you later, we don't need your kind anymore! In a country that says We don't like the White males, doesn't that tell you something? Who's controlling the opinion to decide that we don't like the White males and we only want the White pussy? In other words, whose mind are we in?

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usually with the penis.

We control the guns.

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