Whats the worst a woman has done to you Yas Forums?

whats the worst a woman has done to you Yas Forums?

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Give me some weak ass head, fucking hoes man

Ate the pussy and had sex with my then gf (now wife) a half hour after her ex bf raw dogged her in the backseat of his truck. I had no idea at the time

pretend to be interested

You fucking cuck, and yet you still married her

daaamn, why are you still together?

got some context?


She was drunk and had a lapse of judgement. She felt guilty and told me everything. It Wasn’t worth breaking up over


I went through the same, I don't get why women get so validated and men are just "not able to be raped" bullshit

you have to go back

Tried to love me

take a bath you stupid nigger monkeys

Bro you basically ate her Ex boyfriends cum. You're such a fucking pussy for not leaving her ass

and you didn't cheat back?

mind telling ur story?

Been cheated on, slapped hard in the face numerous times, been mocked for my ED, spit on. Women aren't saints. I'm not either.

that shit doesn't change anything... guilty or not she literally fucked her ex while she was you gf... don't be a cuck user

Give birth to me.

Fucking nice. It's my fantasy for something like this to happen to me.

ultimate cuckoldry. Holy shit you're pathetic.

KEK please be bait

After she discovered that you're forgiving her and basically don't care, she now cheats even more, without telling you, and without regrets.

she will do it and probably already has done it again user

cheated on my with my at the time best friend

pieces of shit deserve each other

seriously, kill yourself

I feel this one.

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No i was a kid

good derailment

got false accused, lost 14yrs of my life

Why do you love it so much?

I was a kid too, 5, to be precise

Drunk actions are latent inhibiting thoughts

holy shit what

Serious question, what's the boipussy like in jail?

got family zoned

Told me she loved me and didn't mean it.

Girl i knew from school invited me to go to school together one day, we went. It was fine, i managed to chat and didnt act like an autist
When i asked her out she said no

Havent talked to a woman since

Beat me up on Christmas Day last year and get arrested for DV cause she called the cops on herself , told them I hit her but they took one look at me and knew she was just trying to get me into trouble she also told me fuck my Christmas and to go spend it with my “family” knowing I didn’t have a family to spend it with since I’m an orphan and runaway.
Got us evicted In the long run

Toothy Head


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I know you, Micheal.

Convinced me to move to the other side of the world with her (her homeland), then turned into an abusive cunt when I had nobody to help me.

Now we're long since divorced and here I am alone in this country, too poor to move back and just settled enough to not want to.

1st girl: Fake a rape, then bang a now ex-friend
2nd girl: (ex gf of ex friend) Fake pregnancy, fake abort, brown surprise after anal
3rd girl: Made me belive that she banged every single friend i had (i still belive it) , gave me her facebook password so i could check about the guys she was about to fuck. Also while riding me in the theater she told me to my ear that she wanted to fuck someone else.
4th and last one: After 5 years in a relationship suddenly became extra religious and dumped me because she saw some of my shit as satanic

Exactly the same.