I'm from Finland but I'm about to accept a job offer in Colorado that will about double my salary...

I'm from Finland but I'm about to accept a job offer in Colorado that will about double my salary. Is this even remotely a good idea Yas Forums?

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If it's in Denver ... no.

>moving to America
you better be tough faggot
the US is a 3rd world country

Moved from Australia to Colorado and I don't have any regrets, chicks here are easy

Depends on what your salary is.

Yeah it's in Denver

the funny thing about Colorado, it's one of the few states out west where white people are the largest contribution to crime.

Currently it's 50k€ to 120k$ if I make to move (both after taxes)

well. depends on your point of view.
your quality of life will likely not improve much, because in the US you'll have to pay a lot of the stuff you get in Finland per default, out of your own pocket instead.

So, even if you get double the salary, this will certainly not mean double the amount of disposable income.

However - leaving for a whole other continent is not just a matter of money, you'll have to decide if you want to be immersed in a new culture and get to know new people and a new things in general.

If you're an adventerous and extrovert person, this might turn out quite good for you. Even if you end up not liking it much, you could come back after 6 months or so (or go somewhere else) and you'll likely be a more interesting person and more attractive to potential employers due to your time working abroad

If you're a guy that doesn't make friends easily and mostly stays at home (nothing wrong with that) this might not turn out good for you though

ask your family and friends, who know you, what they think about it

no kys fag

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I currently live 10km from the nearest town in a farmhouse so the whole city thing will be new.

>you'll have to pay a lot of the stuff you get in Finland per default
unless he gets a horrific injury, thats not true at all
the cost of living in Finland is higher than it is in Denver suburbs.

I studied abroad in Germany and Canada previously so a new culture is not that big of a deal and I consider myself to speak English at a level where people will understand me. I'm not super extroverted but not a complete introvert either. Thanks for your input.

>Is this even remotely a good idea Yas Forums?

Yes, koska Suomeen pääsee aina takaisin :D

It can only offer possibilities while having no bad sides as you are not required to stay indefinitely. Try it and if you don't like it, come/go back!

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This is what I was thinking about, everything here costs a ridiculous amount of money.

On vaan helevetin pahan tuntunen päätös myydä comfy omakotitalo böndellä ja ruveta larppaamaan jotain naapurustojunttia. Pitäis varmaan harrasteauto myydä pois kanssa kun ei sitä saa rekisteröityä jenkkilään.

Call bullshit
You have no idea what your US taxes are

in this shit economy? no and you'd be stupid to do it.

I can't fucking make an approximation?

Fine. In different scenarios it'll be between 105k and 130k. You happy?

With that increase in income, I'd live in Denver and work for some years, get to know people there and travel around the US, there's a lot to see and do, then go back home with some nice cash stacks and invest in something like property or stocks to get into the investment money

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There will be actual humans there.
You will not be able to drink vodka everywhere outside.
You will have to leave your knife at home.
Not one person will understand you when you start raging because of language barrier and culture differance, cops will get called and you may get shot.

Boulder is nice, though pretentious.

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Cost of living in US is higher, distances are longer, roadways are poor, traffic is terrible, crime is higher, drug addiction is epidemic. Even in smaller towns there will be areas you MUST NOT ENTER if you value your health and safety. You will find local laws startlingly stupid. The current POTUS is an incoherent fucktard, polarizing local leaders to extreme conservatism or liberalism.
Overall it is tough as a citizen, and insanity risking as a foreigner. Can't recommend it.


Just replace."Shot" by stabbed and work perfectly for bongland.
The only issue is bić city, for me it is usually a deal breaker but you always can rent something up in suburbs and just commute.

Yeah, my current commute is an hour long at the moment so this would probably work.

You're such a fucking liar. Does the truth ever pass your lips?

id do it. denver is fine if you have money, colorado is beautiful. i don’t know how old you are but i’d really have liked to see europe when i was younger especially if i had a job there

hell yea! We love Finns here in America. I use to work with two great Finnish brothers, one was like a funny robot & the other a wildman DJ just fucking girls left & right.


28 and no family/relationship attachments which is why I'm considering this so seriously.

>my city sucks, so the rest of the country sucks

>polarizing local leaders to extreme conservatism or liberalism
Keep telling yourself that

>Overall it is tough as a citizen

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The dollar is about to crash hard & America will enter a horrible depression soon. If you’re ok with that, welcome!

what line of work, may i ask?

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