Deepfakes thread, will try all requests. Since last OP had his feelings hurt

Deepfakes thread, will try all requests. Since last OP had his feelings hurt.

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pls do a better job than them

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Please try this OP

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Running it through the program got the same image, no surprise. Removing one of the tats yielded a more convincing result.

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This is why he didn't post yours. He's not using photoshop lmao. She's cute any other pics I can try?

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Allright result, I like her.

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She deserves a better shot.

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do it fam

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Her please!

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Sorry.. would be better w a bikini shot

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user plz

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Please :)

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Hope this is possible

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Mm fuck yeah

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might be better to work with

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Didn't work sorry bro, pussy is good but the tits are too weird to post. Can if want tho.

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If that one doesn't work there's this one too

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Sexy. Thanks!


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Not bad.

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Thanks user

yeah do it

Damn she's hot

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Another of her.

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Looks like she'd be a good fuck

Oh god, i'll try the others when I get to them.

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I need a photo with just her, or crop her out.

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Shoulda said "tit" lmao

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can you do her, please?

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Pls, OP

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Here's one more for good luck

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not OP

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Please op

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Do her pls

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Think this one might work?

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Too complex sorry man, need less clothes..

Would be nice

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pls op

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