Hello everyone. I'm from Russia. I will answer your questions

Hello everyone. I'm from Russia. I will answer your questions.

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when wh'ere you when tower was kill?

how is babushka?

I was at home

When where you when heat legend die?

Fine. She is resting in the village now.
Thanks for the question

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I do not understand who you are

When will you annex china?

Rather, it is China that will annex us.

What is your recommended Russian food for an american

Well that is shit.


I would recommend a dish like soup. We call it the "first" and most people eat it. Soup is considered to be "borsch", "cabbage soup" and "chicken bully"

I don’t really like this dish, but it is quite satisfying and healthy (as the doctors say)

However, we have affordable (in private clinics) medicine.

What are the ingredients? Or are you referring to soup in general

Soup at all.

That looks good, I think I will try to make some soon

What time is it for you? For me it's 4:43 AM


are you from DC1?

How much do you hate gay people

Unfortunately no.

I`m from city "Klin"

what does this image say

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i`m don`t hate gay,

I treat them tolerantly, but my parents and acquaintances do not share my views.

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Lol not too far from me "Tver"
there is no city except DC1

I didn’t understand the joke, but here is the translation of what is written in the picture


>>and the third where?


I come from a country with "free" healthcare, so this doesn't mean too much to me.

WTF is DC1?

I will soon start learning Russian from scratch in university. Any tips?

What do I have to do to be a spy and make some real chedda

There is DC2

this is Saint-Petersburg

Russia has free healthcare and private clinics just like what ever country you are from just shitty

Why are you lying about the number of Covid 19 deaths?We know that you're dying by thousands every day.

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how is the quarantine threating you?

true but DC1 is the only one that matters

How would you rate social, jounalist and political freedom there?

Whats your opinion on Putin?

I am actualy really curious.

default city

In order not to raise a panic among the population.

is there a Russian Yas Forums ?


What that makes even less sense

why dont you fuck off to there newfag?

I don't get the point of this topic. What's healthcare got to do with annexing china?

Privyet! I want to solo travel to Moscow and see your ww2 museums. How do I convince my family I won’t be chopped up and that Moscow is as safe as any other European city?

Do you dress and pose like this op?

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Post your best dashcam

Moscow is safer than most european cities litteraly the only people who are dangerous in Moscow are the cops if you are normal looking and not gay you good as a foreigner you will never go to the shit areas

пoчeмy вы пeдик

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center of DC1 is super safe nothing happens to foreigners there if you go to the outskirts thats where the shit is but then agiain why would you go there

What are your thoughts on putin and do you like Russia as a whole

I can only recommend advice from the book of Benny Lewis. And consume more content in the target language

.Not bad. Entered access mode (you can go out with only QR code). The police monitor the streets and check the motorists for the presence of those same QR codes.

In fact, you cannot say absolutely anything you want. There is an open press, but in small cities it is regulated by the law.

Nothing. My whole life passed with him.

you are using the formal case that is a very respectful insult

how poor are you?

why is the movie Matilda blasphemous?
what is this ?

sorry very busy to research

Yea, I´ve only been studying russian for two years, still learning

What's your opinion on Crimea-conflict?

you learn the difference between cases literally the first day where are you studying duo lingo faggot?

But the numbers sound plausible.

I really don’t understand what DC means.

I want to chat with you

I did not understand the question. Can you rephrase?

>Do you dress and pose like this op?

Because Tsar Nicolas the 2 is a saint and his whole family has been canonized by the Russian orthodox church.

dulingo , beelingual with the apps I also try to read wikipediapages in russians and see how much I understand and newspapers , but I admit my grammar isn´t great