I'm bored. I'll photoshop your bitch for free

I'm bored. I'll photoshop your bitch for free

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Holy shit that thing on the right looks terrifying. Are humans really that low on self-esteem that they want to look manufactured before they could ever believe they would just be accepted for what their internal universe believes them to be?

>jumps into the fire

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Fuck off reddit fag

brighten/clean this from the other thread, many thanks

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dat oldfag trap is the machinegun heartattack! FIRE!

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Ignore them.
I await your work.

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I think she's super hot on the right

too low res sorry

To do that I'd have to come FROM, dipshit.

Really? I dunno. I'm happy to have my opinion used to beat my face into submission and whatnot but is it that they have to kind of match a type for you? I'm just so used to meeting women in the flesh more than evaluating digital media or stories.

youve somehow managed to make her look worse

Fix her nasty ass legs

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I think it's just a matter of tastes. And tbh I met girls that look like that irl.

meh ok, she's unfixable then

no, that's disgusting

Came here to post that


what's that?

>dat oldfag trap is the machinegun heartattack! FIRE

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Fair enough. I appreciate the information. I just never want a woman to feel like she has to try THAT hard to get attention or to feel like they are worth talking to, if that's ultimately what they were looking for. Same with guys because some just go to the gym to feel like they are even worth a woman's attention.

I'm totally fine with you winning but at least win at the level where somehow you posses my body and I have to run around the street with fifteen dildos in my ass screaming out I AM SO SORRY user FOR NOT BELIEVING IN YOU in order for it to be believable.

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Go on

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No offense, I don't think you understand women, at least those who live in modern society. In simple words, they like to be "pretty" and look nice. That fact that they say they do it for the men is simply bullshit.
That comes later.

Same with guys.

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I'm totally fine with asking my daughter for an update on the whole 'women' situation if you think that she somehow wrongly informed me or is trying to keep me ignorant, but I kinda doubt that.

Any human wants to appear a certain way so that they can communicate quickly and efficiently to potential people and those that know them. What ELSE would one work on their appearance for?

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can you make her not have daddy issues?