You gents ever stalked a girl?

You gents ever stalked a girl?

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Is it weird that I lowkey wanna get stalked by a guy? I find the idea to be neat when the guys got like an obsessive crush or something like that. Sorta yandare like and such.

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Is this a girl?

Mhm. I know its not common for girls to like this sort of things from guys but I do oddly like protective men so the idea of a yandere style/obsessive lover of stalking is surprisingly interesting to me.

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Bump cause I'm curious.

If theres a quiet type of guy that u know that likes you, give him a chance. You could figure out some type of role play u might enjoy.

Ah maybe but I'd figure that most guys would be freaked out over girls that like this. I mean again its not too common and it freaks some people out.

Nah these days thats a pretty normal type of kink. You'll find someone to play with u. I would

Post a pic, user

Why not

Oh really? Thats actually great! Yah I love it when guys get really protective abd cuddly and sometimes jealous. Its just super great to me. I wonder what its like gettin stalked or even BEING the stalker though.

Heres a pic of me. Nothing special and the pic is old lol. Happy user? :0

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OP is a faggot really, and stalking is great, bitches love it

Oh, too bad you're a shitskin.

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Yah doesn't help that Im black, white, and mexican but oh well. Not a whole lot of guys wanna date me for it.


OP here, u look really nice

LEGIT YES! I don't know why but it makes me so flustered and happy when guys do it. Even if it's a tiny bit.

Aw thanks! Mean the pic makes me look a lil like a crack head but it's nice for you to say.

Haha, yes. The restraining order was just as fun as the stalking, haha.

Wear a paper bag on your head at all times and you should be fine.

Kill yourself


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So u knew her well then?

btw you look like a high schooler. you remind me of a girl I liked a lot in high school but I stood her up on a date because I had an obsession with my younger sister

yes I belong here. if I had a time machine, I would go on that date with her.

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I'll fuck the shit out of you.

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Oh shit thanks pfff. XD Idk why ir flipped like that.

Yah I probably should I got a fine personality but for a girl I'm too average for most men now a days. It's fine tho it won't stop me from chillin with Yas Forums.

Funny enough I'm 19, turning 20 this year, so it wasnt too long ago when I was in highschool.

O h my.

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>Ditch potential love interest because of an obsession with your sister.
You are on the true route, desu.

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the thought of a guy stalking me is sexy. most other girls get turned on by the simple idea of it too

I'm turning 27, but I'd still lick and suck your pussy until you cum

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Yes. Shy cutie with your generic Yas Forums tastes. Ironically enough most of her likes overlapped with mine but she didn't care about that.

Yah it can be hella great honestly. Especially when hes great at being sneaky about his actions. Its soo great.

Oh my @/////@ Wait don't usually guys get super annoyed about younger girls?

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Would u like to be tied up or blind folded and man handled? When it comes to sex or u just like the stalking

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in long relationships, everyone annoys everyone at some point. age doesn't matter much past 16. My father is 17 years older than my mom.

Oh I loove being tied up and just that good rough stuff from a man. Just let him find pleasure in my body. It adds with the stalker stuff.

Ah that's very much true. My ma is 10 years older then my dad so it makes sense. I mean I've had older men crush on me before.

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