This shit's fake right? Twitter users aren't actually proudly coming out as pedophiles right...

This shit's fake right? Twitter users aren't actually proudly coming out as pedophiles right? This is some ironic joke that you cooked up, isn't it Yas Forums? This is honestly a good laugh but I think you may have taken it too far this time.

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twitter is the containment forum for those sickos. Just why are you going there, hmmmm?

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>Twitter users aren't actually proudly coming out as pedophiles right?
My understanding of the maps or "minor attracted people" is that they're trying really hard to try to associate with the LGBT degenerates, but pretty much every community involved tells them to fuck off and they're disgusting. Funny too because fags are some of the biggest pedos, but regardless. To answer your question: yes some people are coming out as pedos trying to make it seem like a legit sexuality and no one is buying it

It's Twitter, this shit's been happening under the radar for years, only now it has been brought attention

Nice dubs but I only learned about it from Youtube.

slightly off topic, what does aoa stand for? I'm assuming attraction something something.

>fags are some of the biggest pedos
Funny how easy it is to ignore the widespread rape and sexualization of little girls by adult men. But yeah, gay people are the real problem.

I think you've never Heard about drag queens

They went from Tumblr to Twitter now. Not my precious Twitter.
Remember how there was a bunch of that pizza on Tumblr and no one noticed for the longest i hope there isn't that shit on Twitter now

Age of attraction?

I thought they were still calling themselves pedosexuals?

Is it illegal if he's actually 16 yo? Genuinely curious cus it's definite weird as shit

>But yeah, gay people are the real problem.
First off, yes they are, second, who is ignoring rape and sexualization of little girls? Closest I've ever seen are things like beauty pageants, which are creepy as fuck and most people agree they're creepy as fuck. In fact, I haven't heard shit about any beauty pageants in a long ass time, except ones thrown by drag queens where they dress up and sexualize little boys. You're an affront to nature you dumb faggot, not stop projecting and police your own community from kid fuckers.

sounds about right, thanks.

who the fuck is indoctrinating these people?

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They keep on coming back with a different name everytime. I think earlier this year they were calling themselves pedosexuals. I dunno if it's legit or an op from some other chan or SA Goon squad or some other troll group.

If you're in a country with an age of consent lower, then definitely, otherwise almost definitely

Considering how many people on Yas Forums are open pedos why would any of this surprise you.

Know how I know you've talked to few women in your life? You think that the widespread sexualization of young girls is reserved to beauty pageants. If you get to know literally any woman you meet well enough, eventually she'll tell you a story about her being sexualized at a young age. It's off the walls common. Gay men rape kids. Straight men rape kids. Men rape kids.

He’s probably just following trumps example - you know cos trump the pedo president raped a 10 year old girl.

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Know how I know you're from Tumblr?

Nice retort, if it were even true, faggot.

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What a monumentally shitty take. So your argument is, since straights also rape kids, it doesn't matter that gays do it at a higher rate, because straights also do it, so they're equal. If all demographics of men have people who rape children, and one has way more per capita than any other demographic besides probably sand niggers, then doesn't logic dictate that we should focus on the demographic most likely to commit a rape? Of course not though, because you're upset that I blame the gays. Actually pretty glad your gay so you won't have any kids to follow your line of stupidity

Kek this what happens when you fight for "trans" rights to let your kid have a sex change before puberty they brought this on themselves.

Wtf loli ivanka is hot as fuck

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>the demographic most likely to commit a rape
What? Like men? Why stipulate what a man's orientation is? Why aren't you saying "men are the problem?" Why are gay men specifically the problem? I'll admit that they can get away with more shit, and have more social capita, but what you are doing is an exercise in completely ignoring the HUGE amount of young girls who are sexualized by men every fucking day. Yes there are soccer coaches who diddle dicks, it's common, but you're simply underestimating how more common it is to be touched by a family member if you're a young girl. But that's easy to ignore for you because you hate gay people, faggot.

you gotta wonder... (((who)))

hint, it's what these kids are CONSOOM ing

Well women can be pedos too, by your logic you should be saying all people are the problem, because it doesn't matter which group abuse at a higher rate.

Women pedos are hot. Jk. Maybe. Idk. Depends.

>Why aren't you saying "men are the problem?
Because that accounts for half the population. It's like if I said "Humans are the problem" in a talk of sexual assault. It's such a broad category it loops right back around to meaning nothing since it's such a blanket statement.
>Why are gay men specifically the problem?
They commit rape against children at rates higher than any other demographic of men, at least in the US
>ignoring the HUGE amount of young girls who are sexualized by men every fucking day
No it isn't. I never once made the argument that other men don't rape women. I never said once gays are gone the problem is over. What I said is that "fags are some of the biggest pedos", which is true. Simply because I don't also vebally acknowledge that "Oh by the way guys other men ALSO do it, less often but it still happens so like yeah" isn't implying at all that it doesn't happen. Your argument is dog shit.
>Yes there are soccer coaches who diddle dicks, it's common
Exactly, it's more likely for a soccer coach to diddle a dick than say, an English teacher, but if you made a post saying "man soccer coaches diddle cocks too much" and then I jumped in "HMM WOW PRETTY FUNNY HOW YOU IGNORE HOW MANY ENGLISH TEACHERS OR ALL TEACHERS DIDDLE COCKS" that would make me a fucking retard, because what you said was true and I just come off as a massive faggot.
>you're simply underestimating how more common it is to be touched by a family member if you're a young girl
Yeah, it IS common. I never once commented about how common/uncommon it is. But even past that: what would you suggest people do? Never let young girls around their male family members?
>But that's easy to ignore for you
Literally find one time I've ever ignored pedophilia
Protip: You can't
I'm just lambasting fags for doing it more than any other demographic
> you hate gay people
Wouldn't call them people, but pretty spot on

I invite you just talk to women once in a while. Make some female friends. They all say the same thing. Whether they were followed home from school at 9, touched by their brother or cousin in 5th grade, sexualized by their father, or whathaveyou. This isn't me trying to roast your ass, I really want you to go out there and learn.

Women are pedos at a far lesser degree than men. The difference is huge. The amount of straight men vs gay men who fuck kids is a rounding error. I mean fuck, you haven't been on Yas Forums very long if you've never seen any of the daily 30-second threads advertising pedo meetups / apps.

But gay people are the problem because they're not people, got it. You baited me. You win. I got mad. You can kill yourself now.

Oh, right, your personal experience equates to a worldwide average. Yes your majesty. Thanks for not trying to roast us, but as per your direct suggestion I'll go commit suicide now.


Talk to women.