How do I get a gf like this

How do I get a gf like this

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Become a furfag like this fag.

Yeah become a furry you’ll be drowning in pussy

What are furry women like in bed

She is a cutie

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That's a man

Nope here is her cleavage

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Rape is bad

but it's so much fun!

How would you feel if it was done to you or your mother?

Well, it DID happen to me, so I think your point is moot.

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Back to the point I want a furry gf

become a fur fag then

I am but I want a furfwg gf

Don't they have a tinder for furries or something?

move to Iowa or Nebraska, all the girls look like that

I wish

I’m moving

Bros I’m in love with her

Boring dead fish. They expect the fantasy to make it good

Do they let you eat pussy?

furries only drown in boypussy

it's not a healthy lifestyle

go to a furrycon ?

are you actually retarded ?

I have autism and I can’t talk to strangers very well especially women

the only thing you get at furcons are aids ridden stalkers

im pretty sure the members of a furry con would be in the same boat as you.
just wear a furry suit so your shielded.
>i cant talk to strangers very well especially women
>how do i get a gf like this
why are you trying to get a gf like this if you arnt capable of even talking to women ?
baby steps nigga, baby steps.

I can talk to women if I know them like my mother

and how do you get to know people ?
like 80% of people are awkward as fuck when they meet strangers. but the only way to get to know people is to put yourself in the situation and suffer through it.

How do I approach a woman at a furry con

>how do i approach a woman at a furrycon

with your legs.

What do I say

You say “Hello fellow furfag, how do you do?” As you tip your fedora and sweat profusely


fuck up in life

If I have a gf like her I’m a winner

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