Any good/cool discord channels anyone know of?

Any good/cool discord channels anyone know of?

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fukin coomers

Isn't that just game chats?

This one. Amazing

gg /nvq7ze

Nah. They have them for memes, porn, banter, music, pretty much any interest. Fuck. I am in one dedicated to Temple OS.

should I download discord? am i missing much?

try this

For thots

try this

ok one of these is gore.

If you have friends with it I would say so, but you aren't missing a whole lot.

can you guys tag your discord content?


no e girls in it so far. wow factor of it is the rekt gore channel i guess. it's small with only 60 people so it's not like an active talking community if you're looking for that. I am online a lot so i will respond if you talk though.

Any state cords?

Just a general cord my friend owns

Pretty cool community
Very tight knit

Well, this is garbage. All this invites are to the same unlock-by-invites server.

Quit posting links to the same lewd chat that you need seven invites for. Shits fuckin dumb you're not gonna get the seven from here

fucking coomers

wow all shit invites

what is a good discord invite by your definition

Not OP but gimme some good content , good memes, good lewd, good conversations, anything.

the best good content i have is just rekt videos .i cant get good conversations because niggas don't speak on it. They just join to look at the rekt videos i guess. if someone starts a conversation i will reply. How am i suppose to get it rolling.

Literally any group you don't need a fuckin invite tally to join

what even fucking is that? how does that work? you cant join unless they vote you in?

No when you invite someone to the group it generates a code specifically for you. So you need seven people to be invited off your code to view anything. Which leads to a million people posting different links leading to the same shitty group

You guys bitching for a real link, with lewds... welcome. And please shut the fuck up.


Think 2007-2009 tinychat but much worse with no video

Discord mlm


Anyone want to trade anything on wickr? gkave