Worst thing you’ve done to a girl Yas Forums?

Worst thing you’ve done to a girl Yas Forums?

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Made her swallow cum that I pumped in her asshole.

Did penis things to her with my dick.

made another girl suck my dick after fucking my fwb.

Pee inside her asshole and then cum in her mouth (ditry dick)

spit in her face

Love her.

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posted thousands of nude pics online

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How did it make you feel?? I bet it was badass

Choke my girl with 2 hands and slapped her around a bit, felt bad man

What was the motivation? Post some rn?

Got her pregnant, stayed married to her for twenty years, got divorced and regularly guilt her into having sex with me regularly afterwards.

the bj with shit was fine, only her mouth taste like shit after, but pee inside was great i wanna try in her pussy

This happened about 9 years ago

>Be with current gf for a few years
>My ex and her bf break up
>Calls me for comfort
>Hitting that on the side now
>Would tap ex then go fuck gf with my dick still wet
>Last time I went to fuck ex she said she was on her period
>”You can fuck my ass though”
>Oh fuck ya!
>Blow a load in her ass
>Go see gf and she’s super horny
>She rips my pants off and for once wants to suck my fucking dick
>Like she never did that
>Throws the damn thing to the back of her throat
>Immediately gags
>”Ew user you taste like shit!”
>Forget what I said but play it off
>Fuck her pussy with my ex’s ass juices

Yeah I’m horrible

I’m diamonds thinking about it

I dated some cutesy dumb light-skin black girl back in HS. She thought she was into bloodplay/knife play and really messed up stuff despite being a virgin, so the moment I got her tied up and alone in the house, I carved my initials into her collar and then choked her out. Jerked off onto her face while she bled onto my bed, came an uncomfortable load onto her face. We broke up 2 years after graduation and she still had scarring last time I saw her, she can’t wear open shirts unless she covers it with harsh makeup. But it’s probably healed by now.

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>be me, 17 dating a 14yo girl
>she's suicidal
>it makes me super anxious and I can't take it
>want to break up but I'm worried she'll an hero if I do
>one day I tell her I can't take it and that I can't decide whether to break up with her or not
>tell her I'm gonna flip a coin for it
>have her call it
>she's wrong
>i break up with her then and there
>relief washes over me
>she runs out crying

Hit her in the face because she was being a mouth cunt and tried to swing at me.

Came in her shoes without her knowing

I double dipped with a few different chicks but never anal. Blew a nice fat load in my gf thinking about her tasting my ex’s ass.

I used to cheat nonstop (mostly because most of the chicks I dated did it too), been almost 5 years since I’ve last done it.

Did this once with blowjobs. My gf didn’t have a clue she was tasting the spit of a girl she hated that I had cheated with an hour earlier.

listen to her boring shit...

Anal when I was told not to. Dirty whore ended up liking it. Fucked her a couple weeks later, anal and pussy and then pulled out and without even trying blew a Peter north type load on her face. She was actually impressed. The only part that was really evil was the anal without her consent but she liked it anyways

Raped her raw.

Forced my gf to swallow every time.

Came in a girl's lotion, soap, toothpaste, onto her toothbrush, and in her water.

She ran out crying because you told her you didn’t fucking care about her by basing your entire relationship on a coin flip you autist

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There's a decent rekt thread for shit like this here
gg/ ArgUebn

It’s one hell of a rush isn’t it? I really miss cheating. Now I’ve got a family and all that so it’s not worth it. Even though the wife’s said before we could share a girl, it’s not the same rush as cheating.


You sound like a short mong

>be me when I was a retarded teen
>girl likes me
>regularly see her because friends in common
>friend mentions she isn't super hot
>in my retarded mind decide that it would be embarrassing to keep talking to her, let alone date her
>randomly meet her in public
>comes to greet me
>pretend I don't know her and walk away
It's been about 15 years and I still feel bad about it.

Same except the wife isn’t open to a 3rd. She did watch a nudie vid of my ex once. Either way I had my fun fucking around on sluts when I was younger. I came so hard when my gf sucked me off that time. She had no clue.

>gg/ ArgUebn
is it a discord?

Was friends with a woman. Mutual, had no interest in her. She was fairly wealthy due to an inheritance she collected from her dad's death. He had committed suicide and she believed she was responsible for it.

So anyways, she told me she had cheated on her boyfriend with two guys, and was feeling bad, so she told her boyfriend that she loved him and then she was complaining he wasn't reciprocating what she was saying.

She was all hysterical so I said 'calm down and talk to him later when you're more rational" and she freaked out and started insulting me before blocking me.

So, naturally, being a cold blooded psychopath, I screen capped our conversation where she talked about cheating on him with 2 guys in a week, and sent it to him over facebook.

She messaged me ENRAGED that I did that, I simply commented about how she murdered her father for his money and then blocked her.

she wants to insult me? nah bitch

I blinded a bitch with my full auto bb gun at a random airsoft field outside of town because she wouldn't call that she got hit.I got ran off the field and got away with it because no one knew me. Shit story but from time to time I like to think that there's a blonde bitch out there unable to see because of me.

Anyone have more of this chick?

Reverse image search faggot

Sat next to one on a bus.

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went to see a prostitute and when she was in the bathroom, stole her gym bag and bolted. blackmailed her to get free head in order to return it.

I tried to kiss a female friend once. She never spoke to me again.

this appears to be OC account to tinyeye