This is how I discovered my foot fetish I can't be the only one

This is how I discovered my foot fetish I can't be the only one

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No foot fetish here, but this IS how I got my preference for redheads.

Absolutely the same. Oddly I'm into feet now but when I was a little kid and saw this in theaters feet were weird to me

This has me Stroking

How I discovered my foot fetish and Ariel wiggling her toes was the first thing I ever masturbate to when I was 7 or 8. I had the movie on vhs and when I was alone I would go to this scene and jerk off to it.

I used to pause and slow down the scene when she was naked I came to that

for me it was this

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You forgot the neckbeard

I always found the feet fetish interesting? Would you explain why is it so desirable?

Fucking same here bro

i domt know how people like feet as a fetish

Personally I like when feet are pretty because that means a girl takes care of herself. I don't actually like Nasty or dirty feet, or feet that stink. I know a lot of foot fags like that nasty shit, I only like when they're really well taken care of. They just look sexy like how a ass looks sexy, but you wouldn't like it if it stank like shit. Some people would but I assume most don't. I realize I'm comparing ass and feet but I suppose that's the best comparison I can make

What does girls feets taste like?

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im not really into it but i can get into it sometimes and for me its nice long feet with good arches and nice toes and toe rings and nice painted nails and stuff. just nice looking cute girl feet that are taken care of and also i like gladiator sandals. but definitely for me i like long feet with symmetry not into weird feet or dirty feet although many people enjoy sweaty feet i think thats probably more about being degraded though not about the feet themselves but maybe im wrong
melania trump has nice feet but they are kind of bony because shes an older mommy :( sad

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Feet time

I think mine started after my mom made me massage her feet with oil when I was 6-7

meant to finish by saying that in my opinion ivanka has the best feet it was important you knew that

I like feet but I HATE when second toe is longer than big toe it looks so nasty

Taste like skin when clean, when a lil sweaty a lil salty which I don't like unless I'm into the girl and she's fine then yeah I'll go for it I mean if you've ever eaten a girl out it's kinda similar

actually i kind of like that, when the toes are long and slender is my favorite shape. stubby toes are my least favorite. which makes sense because i have stubby toes, clearly this is evolution steering me towards optimal foot shape for my unborn offspring there can be no other explanation

For me it was this exact scene. I remember seeing it and feeling so god damn strange. Only later did I come to understand what that feeling was. Been happily into feet ever since.

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that makes me ticklish to watch

Oddly enough it never gave me a tickling thing. Decades later i still get nothing from tickling. But boy did I develop a thing for licking :P

literally the only place that is ticklish is the middle of the bottom of my foot and its insanely so, if i touch it i jump so a cat's tongue on there would be actual torture

I liked hentai and I watched this one where this girl gives her brother a footjob. It was hot I really liked it even though I didnt have a fetish. Then I saw a footjob comiliation on youporn and thoght it was hot. But I liked footjobs, not feet. Eventually I jerked off to a pic of a girls feet that I knew. And thats what started it.


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The look on her face she's probably a foot fag too

Idk why but it's so satisfying to jerk off to feet of a girl I know cus they don't know how much of a turn on it is for me. I used to record girls shoeplay in high school and college. So good

I took pics. Idk what I would have done if It flashed. Fuck I always triple checked flash was off

Lockdown with my sisters really helped my fetish develop

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So yoU have been a mermaid and some black magic gave you feet and that's how you got this fetish?

ever rub you dick on them or jack off with socks