Hey /b i want to an hero and regular internet wont give me any tips on how to do it painlessly...

Hey /b i want to an hero and regular internet wont give me any tips on how to do it painlessly. Also too lazy to download tor.
Pic sort of related

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>Pic sort of related
explain how the pic is related first

we can help, but you need to post timestamp.

also as an added bonus, why do you want to an hero?

Are you that British chick who was gonaa kill herself several months back? Still here are we...

Its my Titty
Okay, I'll get s marker
Call me british once again and I'll kill myself immediately... So no, im not. Whats her story?

waiting for timestamp

Got any pics of your ass op?

Toasting in an interesting bread.

why would you fucking kill yourself bitch you hot af

>Its my Titty
start with a timestamp user.

A friend of mine went through a suicidal patch for a year or so recently and kept me updated with every single thing he was researching, how it all worked, and where/how to buy the materials.

He's (mostly) come out the other side thankfully.

She is not a bitch. You take that back user.

My reasons are many but generally ive been dealing with mental health issues paired with me being a big ol' loser who gets fucked over literally in everything i do or try. There has never been a single win situation in my life even though i really try. Its pathetic, im aware, but im also waiting for your painless death suggestions

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Damn! Boobs are awesome

A heliun cylinder, a rope and a plastic bag. You'll leave a horrible mess, apparently, but the death is euphoric. Now can we see "your" cunt?

Start an only fans then decide if you want to die still after thousands of thirsty betas shower you in money

>not a boob timestamp
good job op

Well you've come to a place where you can get compliments and insulted

Consume a single gram of nicotine. Wait 7 minutes. Enjoy. Completely painless.

You'll find the right guy some day just like I'll find the right girl. Keep waiting and one day you'll find love. Life is worth living.


Putang ina mo! Glad to see pinoy here’

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You have that marker still? Since you don’t care about living or dying can you at least bring us joy by shoving it up your popper?

Thats a compliment i guess. Im not terribly unattractive, but that has little to no importance to why i just wanna off myself
Okay, promising. Go on...?
Okay that actually made me chuckle

Shhhh. She's hot. We want her to live.

Are you sure it's gonna end after you die? You will have to solve these issues post-mortem dummy

Post butthole op

Let's see some tits

>promising. Go on
eh, not sure if sharing it is a great idea. I get you're having a bad time but I dont really want to be permabanned today.

face pic?

Sharpie up ass plz

Imma turbo virgin,Bob's plz

You got to do it. I got trips


And 420...double top tier rolls

more tits and i'll send you an onion link to a "guide"
or i'll just upload it

Wow we really are all virgins aren't we?

Hello. How old are you?

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another attention whore thread that'll get 300 replies

Pointer in the stinker

Hey another one

Op your tits are 10/10

If you an hero i an hero

Fuck off satan.

I could fuck you to death though it won't be painless