Historians, ALL Americans, and all world leaders agree: Donald Trump is the greatest leader the world has ever seen

Historians, ALL Americans, and all world leaders agree: Donald Trump is the greatest leader the world has ever seen.

Only the radical, do nothing demonrats want a different president.

Trump support thread

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This is now a furry thread.

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technically this is furry. well done.

Trump needs to win in november. He needs to show the establishment that the people are tired of the same bullshit election after election. Burn it all down so we may start anew.

And of course the furry faggots want to derail a thread dedicated to our fearless leader. Libtard mongrels.

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Actually I like Trump, I'm just fucking sick of Trump threads. Pro or Anti.

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>our fearless leader
he only leads mongoloids

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greatest nigger maybe.

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>radical, do nothing demonrats
reckon yrself, don’t ya

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he's not really making america great again

I want donald trump to spread appart his massive flabby butt cheeks and blast a searing hot column of pure bovine flatulence directly into my mouth maga

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Why can't you just like winning?

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because right now america is losing lol

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Oh, he's definitely burning it all down to build it back up. Building it back up for Russia & China, that is.

"The number of deaths per million is very very strong" Donald Trump

He won't do any building up. Democrats will have to do that, because if the last few republican presidents were any indication their next candidate will have to be a full blown mongoloid lol

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Yeah...no more candidates for them

Oh fuck yea moar

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Lysol cures coronavirus....
Windmills and cancer...


Unemployment the highest it's been since the great depression.
401k's wiped out.
The U.S. leading the world in Covid deaths.
The GOVT taking on debt like a motherfucker.
The wall still isn't built.
Hillary isn't in jail but lot's of Trump associates are.
The U.S. is still spending trillions playing world's police.
Where's this great trade deal with China?
Our POTUS is the laughing stock of the world.

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