Why do racists think they don't deserve to be killed? Why don't racists just shut the hell up and kill themselves...

Why do racists think they don't deserve to be killed? Why don't racists just shut the hell up and kill themselves? No one wants to hear you

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Is Trump racist op?

All white people are

LOL they're all trauma bonded. They think they have some brotherhood but they're only bonded based on fear and anger. They would all stab each other in the back if they needed to. That's why they can be controlled so easily. They connect based on fear herd mentality.
Trump is a fucking genius if you ask me. Using mob psychology by pandering to their fear, to thrust himself into power.

did you know you are racist

Can't be if I'm not white

the lowest of the bait

Everybody is racist not just white people but white people have a good reason to be racist

Liberal nigger


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Everyone is racist, it’s our natural state. The days of “only whites can be racist” are over.

Name a non colonized country by the Europeanss that is civilized? You cant. You got your education and all these privileges from the whites you brain dead nigger

>Why do racists think they don't deserve to be killed?
I agree, niggers, spiks, chinks and jews are the biggest racist out there and should be killed.

The term racism didn't even exist until Leon Trotsky invented it to further the communist cause in 1918.

Fear the power of the coward hiding behind the mask!

>Why do niggers think they don't deserve to be killed? Why don't niggers just shut the hell up and kill themselves? No one wants to hear you

I don't hide behind a mask you for you bitch, I'm an upstanding national socialist

White shia labouf?

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This is the truest thing that's ever been set on for chain even niggers don't want to hear other Nigger babbling

Lmaoo that's cos white monkey man steals everything from countries he doesn't live. That's leaving out the ones he does live in where existing population is wiped out or stolen from. Can you be this ignorant of history.

India was biggest global economy before white trash pillaged it. Same with most of Africa and Middle East.

I hope the idiot in this thread realizes there is multiple countries not colonized by Europeans and are doing doing well for themselves and isn’t some brain dead hypocrite

The only confirmed racists that I have ever met are white liberals, but they all seem like nice people though once you ignore their extreme ideology.

Sure you've had some good scientists but those are a stones throw from the general population

why is OP such a virtue signalling faggot fuck?

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Hey OP, assuming your a troll, but maybe you're thoughtful one. What sorta racism flavor are you talking about? Based on what I've read it would seem like the good ol' Anita method "everything is racist."

Do you think there exists any situation in which a POC could be racist to a person of lack of color?

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This image depresses the hell out of me. All those rough-looking rednecks once thought they could be great. They wanted to be politicians, musicians, doctors, etc. As those dreams drifted away, the pain got worse - you can see it on them. They hardened the outside to deal with it, and the pain of those lost dreams turned to anger, hatred and resentment. They need a way out.

Racism is a term created by communists to divide and weaken the population so they can do communist shit easier. If you fall into that trap, you are a useful idiot, and like the people trapped in the matrix, you are part of the system, and are the enemy.