This is my cat. Can anyone tell me what kind of cat this is?

This is my cat. Can anyone tell me what kind of cat this is?

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thats my fucking cat you liar, why would you just reup one of my cat pics and say its yours?

nice digits though

Is it really your cat? Then you should have no problem posting more pics eh? :)

oh so you can download them and pretend he's yours?

get fucked, pebbles is my cat and you can go fuck yourself

It's a girl, and her name is kitty. Yes I am that unoriginal but she loves it when I call her that.

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I really cant believe you user. this is some grade A autism. who does that.

What else am I suppose to call her? That is the first thing that comes to mind when I see her. I think it's a great name.

she looks like any other typical tuxedo cat
super cute and kitty is a fine name. my old orange tabby was named kid lol

those are the only two pics I posted of her on Yas Forums.

go ahead, post a third.

Thanks user, at least you're helpful. I'm glad you like my kitty.

I would but I don't take pics of her normally. I did post her in a previous thread though. I'm still waiting for you to prove this is indeed, your kitty.

>I reposted the only two pics I have of this strangers cat, but am placing the burden of proof on others to refute my lie

like I said, I've only posted two before now. go ahead and post a third and prove my story wrong.

your kitty is super cute, love her, hope she will be with you for years and years

ofc! she's so cute. do you know how old she is?

its a house cat u fuckin retard cant u tell by the house shes inside

this is a very sad sad thing to lie/troll about lol go somewhere else you loser

LOL this is funny

This looks like my old cat and I am now

Sure thing man, you must be really bored right now

Nice trips, and thanks. I hope the same as well. I'm gonna be finishing college next year and I'm still not sure if I'm gonna take her with me when I move out. I'm leading towards yes.

I'm not sure, I think around 7-9 years. She was a stray at first that was around my parent's house. One day I saw her outside and petted her, and she was real sweet. The next day I come outside, and she comes rushing out from under a car, looked me right in the eyes and meowed loudly. I've loved her ever since that moment.

Did you crack this case all by yourself there Sherlock?

Sorry fren, did you every adopt another cat?

Nope I can't take care of myself if I got a cat it would eat me.

she chose you! special asf :3
best wishes for you both

can confirm tuxedo cat

That sucks, but you should consider it if you can do it. They're fun little creatures.

Yeah I am pretty lucky. I've seen other cats get abandoned by their 'owners' in the past, same with dogs. My piece of shit neighbors left behind a cat after they moved out, she still wanders around the property when I go out for a smoke. I feel bad but what can you do? My parents would never allow me to take her in and my kitty hates other cats for some reason.


That is a rare daemon-cat cross breed.You can tell because her eyes glow.

I have a black and white stray who comes by every now and then.

awh that's terrible! i have two indoor babies and i can't imagine EVER abandoning them. they're my angels. they also don't like other kitties. esp males, they're both females and very territorial especially over each other. cats are just epic

domestic shorthair... colored markings are tuxedo.


Anything about these kind of cats that make her different from other cats?

Nah I think she's just getting old. Her eyes weren't always yellow like this when she was younger.

tuxies are usually very affectionate and will pick favorites w their owners!

I think technically your cat's breed is called "european shorthair", which has a wide range of colours, and are more specifically defined by their skeletal build.

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they are also very clever

You should take him in and become his friend

Yeah I don't understand it either. Why would you take an animal in, feed them and then betray them like that? It is weird though. My dad took in a male black cat last year. Kitty really hates him and gets really pissed off when he comes into the house and eats her food and drinks her water. But he use to bully her at first, now I think he finds her boring lol.

That does add up with my experience, thanks user

Thanks for the info