Hey guys. I’m stuck inside my room cause my step mom is an asshole and locked me in my room...

Hey guys. I’m stuck inside my room cause my step mom is an asshole and locked me in my room. I’ve been stuck in here with no food or water and I’m getting really sick. My parents don’t care cause they want me to say “sorry” to my step mom for not saying good morning to her. This is my third day and I’m extremely dehydrated. I can’t do much about it cause this is better than being in the streets cause they said they could kick me out cause I’m 19. Any ways I was wondering if there’s a way to disable a nest camera cause I want to call an Uber eats or some shit and I can sneak out of my window. I don’t want my parents to see cause it’s already pretty bad. What should I do. I would go to a park or something but it’s already pass curfew or some shit and I don’t want to get arrested cause a lot of cops live in my area.

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If this isn't some made up shit you should call the fucking cops.

Jesus christ OP where do you live

ummm it sounds like there is a lot that you're not telling us

Do a barrel roll

I don’t know if it’s illegal. My parents tell me that it’s my problem since I’m 19 that I can take care of myself. I’ve been kicked out a bunch of times for stupid stuff. I don’t like living in the streets. I don’t want to call the police cause I don’t think they will do much cause I’m an adult. I’m kinda lucky they haven’t kicked me out yet. I’m just thirst mostly I think I could go another day without eating.

if this isn't a larp then bust the door down and chimp out and start destroying shit around the house. If they react even harsher then you bump up the stakes, whatever it takes for them to respect your boundaries. remember, they can only take away material shit or dish out temporary pain that doesn't matter

also, cut your parents off when your older

It’s not my dad. I feel he just doesn’t want to lose my step mom. My step mom is just a total bitch. She’s changed when I was little she use to hit me and shit. It’s better now. I just don’t think I have to say “good morning” to her. She’s horrible. I will respect her but I don’t want to like her.

You're a grown adult being held against your will without food or water. Apparently it's because you didn't wish your stepmom good morning, but it wouldn't matter if you had taken a shit on the dinner table. It is definitely illegal.

I’m not being held against my will. I can leave but they wouldn’t let me come back and I have no where to go. I chose to stay hoping maybe she will give me water or something. They also pay for my school. I need to stay cause my total in my bank right now is 600. I don’t have many friends who would take me in cause of the coronavirus and I don’t have any family around.

Deadass you're literally being held captive, call the police and explain the situation, even if you get kicked out that's a problem for another day but that wont matter if you dont live to face that problem so dehydration and starvation are the problems you gotta solve right now

Against your will or not you still need food and water, most humans die after 3 days of no water

No I’ve been kicked out before. It’s probably worse than this. I had to stay at a park for a week before I begged them to let me come back home. I can sneak out but they have cameras around the house that would see me and there’s nothing up that I can go inside suck as McDonald’s cause of coronavirus.

Hun I'm legit 19 too and I recently got kicked out of my home for standing up to myself. It is scary but you NEED to fucking call the cops and do something about it. This is abuse and you can't let this shit fly. You are an adult after all and they can't do this to you.

Call any local friends/relatives that can help and just get your ass out of there. You have the ability to do it trust me. They most likely can go to jail for this after all.

Really though call the cops or call a friend that can pick you up. I grew up with an entitled parent so I know where you are coming from.

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You really sound like a self entitled little prick
you're 19? jesus fuck be a fucking man already

either apologize like a man and accept it since you're living there for free and being a leach or move out...

oh poor me I have to say sorry to my mommy
fucking KYS whiny little cunt

What you need is a journal and write down good morning and do not give her the paper remind yourself you always wanted to, but never got the chance to really mean it. Wright down everything that is wrong with your life and write a solution you can DIY.

What if they where not being good parents. He or she might need Child Protective Services. He or she did say they where gettingng harassed by the Step-Mother.

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19 is a child?..... unless hes a actually retarded its time for him to grow up.

oh poor me , I get to live for free in my parents house and I'm too entitled to say "sorry"
its really time to grow up and face reality

Stop being a deadbeat.

Maybe they just need some water. They might be delusional if they haven't had any water for several day and are agitated by a simple concept like apologizing.

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Ops i might be just as delusional. For not being able to construct a few sentences.

Maybe someone thats 19 should simply walk out and get some water and stop being such a little bitch
the autism is fcking real

Are you sure you're 19? this is something an 8 year old would cry about

I get what you guys are saying that I should just apologize and I have in the past. Apologizing does mean anything to them. They will take it as I’m the one who is wrong and I’m sure I’m not wrong. If I apologize they will continue to do this to me over and over. I know I will at some point or whatever but I feel the longer I don’t apologize then it shows them I won’t stand for there shit. If that makes since. There’s a lot more I haven’t said but they really aren’t good parents.

im 19 and living with abusive parents cause im in your shoes too, id have no where to go and have to get my schooling done somehow. Wanna know how to deal with it, deal with it and be a little bitch till you can get out.
LITERALLY JUST SUCK IT UP AND SAY SORRY AND SAY GOODMORNING TO HER. If its the only thing that'll feed and house you than wtf are you doing bro. ive had to go insane and through many mental breakdowns you realize that the standing up for yourself doesn't do shit cause you'd be worse off. There is no ''dealing'' with crazy/abusive parents you have to suck it up and do everything they ask like a little bitch if you wanna make it out of there in one piece and not ass raped and homeless on a park bench.

listen man, you don't like your living situation?
you feel stuck, its time to become an actual adult and get a job and move the fuck out

Oh this again. Take the hinge pins out and take the door off like a boss. The door opens into the room, you have to see the hinges, work the pins out.

That didn't help. Птaзaжьa

ive had the same shit done to me bro, not tryna be insensitive, my mom always wants me to apologize cause "shes right and im wrong" on literally every argument we have. if i tried to say that im right id get threatened and harassed until the "leave the house then i dont need you here" line gets thrown, i have been kicked out and homeless on a park bench too. thats why im saying this. now stop being a retard and go make things easier on yourself

They're never going to respect you until you do something worth being respected for like going outside and actually living a life. You let someone lock you in a room, you're a toy

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Do you have access to the wifi?
Or physical access to the router?

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