ITT: the most evil thing you've ever done

ITT: the most evil thing you've ever done

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Ejaculated in my college roommates protein powder and mixed it all together. He deserved it though

I bullied some teachers whilst securing my position at the school. Eventually one couldn't sleep anymore, another cried every lesson, and so on. I did this all by myself, my classmates hated every second of it. Some of them failed these classes because of me

when i was in middle school i used to destroy computers in the computer lab for fun. i used various methods like ripping off keys, spraying deodorant into the computer, and cutting cords with scissors. i damaged or destroyed at least 20 total. the school said they'd expel whoever was doing it but i never got caught somehow. they also said the "student destroying school property" did at least 8,000 dollars worth of damage lol

i bet you're also really ugly

Emailed nudes of my ex to her dad and grandpa. They got to see their little princess all grown up and spread wide

I did very similar things, used to fuck up any school computer I could get my hands on, used to use a linux live usb ti go in and change the program name that runs when you hit shift 5 times so instead of sticky keys it would open command prompt in the user login page. We could then create an admin account and fuck with anything we wanted. It's like h something.exe.

What happened next? Did they say anything? Pics?

The old man didn’t reply. Her dad sent a long angry email back lol didn’t matter what it said I knew he had seen the pics

Oh shut up you South Korean cunt! Your dirty prime minister can’t make your country any better! Just admit the new N. Korea leader so beauty and make you wanna fck her vagina.

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Stole nude pics from the computer I was fixing of a friend of my gf at the time.

I had found out my girlfriend was cheating on me. We lived together for 2 years. I decided to keep my mouth shut about it. She didnt know I knew and she kept screwing the guy. One night I got her excessively drunk/high and we started messing around, got her clothes off. Then I talked her into letting my rottweiler lick her pussy.. I said come on, it will be so hot to see. Noone will ever know. She was so trashed,, she agreed to it. I took pictures.. the next day I exposed her cheating, and kicked her out. The dozens of pictures I took, I copied them on multiple flash drives and handed them out to a bunch of people. I left several in random public bathrooms around town, including the store she worked in. She ended up losing her job, and humiliated. She moved out of state the same year.

What did she do to deserve that? Cheat on you or something?

Made a digital copy of my parents sextape I found when I was 13. Showed it to my friends.

Lol naw I was just having a bad day.


Fucking genius

When we were kids, me and my cousin (10 and 8) stuck action figures up our asses and gave it to a friend (4) whose family was visiting. We told him if he sniffed and licked the action figures, he would gain powers. The look on that poor kids face will never leave me

Yup. Classic incel behavior.

This guy is a dick.
This guy is a god. Cheating scum deserve everything they get. Well done user.

let a suicidal guy die because he was annoying. all those bullshit white guilt ads about checking up on those people you know how show warning signs don't take into account how much fucking work some people are. I have my own shit to deal with and I gave my advice. he wasn't even nice to me for engaging with him, yet he kept acting so pathetic when no one talked to him.

maybe he was a closet case or something who knows. I suspected him of killing small animals for fun, so I figure it all kinda washes out karma wise. Atleast I was three enough to keep him from shooting up a school but i don't feel bad for him dying.

He made jokes at my expense in front of my mom. fuck you m8, I didn't even invite you over.

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I'm okay with calling this based.

Lol, that is disgusting but so fucking funny. Did you see the kid again? Do you think he remembers that and realises now what you made him do?

So basically you sexually assaulted someone twice? Faggot. Learn to lay good pipe and mayne she won't need to get fucked by someone who doesn't immediately jump to "imma get my rotty to lick her pussy when shes drunk cuz im mad"

Exposed some random Facebook woman online to a bunch of degenerate incest Larper on when it was still a thing)I was pretending to be her son and would post her fb pics along with some random nudes similar to her body type when I accidentally posted the full link to her fb page. Now most people into that sort of thing choose to consciously suspend disbelief, most of the guys in the chat did that but one asshole genuinely thought she was my mom and texted her. Worst part of all was that she did have a teenage son. The days that followed that incident I would agonisingly check her page to see if she had deleted it and after a few days her son's page was completely gone and hers no longer had any images.
Tfw some random mom thinks her teen son harbours Incestuous feelings towards her all because of my degeneracy

eat shit and die you insect.

eat shit and die you idiot

newfag white knights are bad, but incest LARP is cancer

She agreed to let me put nicotine patches on her body while we fucked so that I could get her "addicted" to me fucking her. I brought it up as a domination thing, knowing she'd dig it but I was NOT prepared for how it would actually play out. She was a non-smoker at that point and watching what a whore she became for me was pretty fucking great for a month or two. Would not recommend.

I fucked my dead best friend's widow several times daily for like 6 months beginning about a month after he died. I don't know if I'd call it evil but I felt bad, poor girl was distraught and just needed someone and something. All our mutual friends left her out to dry and no one was there for her. She eventually told one of her girlfriends who flipped and told everyone. Lost a shit load of lifelong friends over it and eventually just exiled myself across the country. Widow's doing much better though, I think she got engaged again.

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Got a girl passed out drunk, undressed her, took pics, posted them here.

Another girl, who was super hot, and always flirting when not having a bf, i sent an email pretending to be another apologizing for having an affair with him. They had a big b crisis, but she married him anyways :(

I've heard of this before but surreptiously. Always wondered how itd play out.

Reason why?


definitely the worst

bahaha fucking cope faggot

Sounds like you did a good thing and helped her move on, if your buddy cared about her I'm sure he'd be thankful in the long run.

Maybe the reason she was cheating is because you're such a cunt

when I was 14 and riddled with hormones I fingered my grandma's vagina once. She had Alzheimer's. Never got caught.

It was a lot of fun for a while. Watching someone become dependant on nicotine isn't so bad, but when your girlfriend needs it to cum you can play around with it some, but it gets out of hand fast. I legitimately fucked with that girls brain chemistry without realizing the full extent of what I was doing. She's an incredibly angry person and a heavy smoker nowadays and apparently cannot achieve orgasm 90% of the time.

It gets worse I wasn't even into incest just a fag that wanted to make random people cum thinking about sick stuff

>the look on that poor kids face will never leave me
And the smell of your shit will never leave him

This, but it was te nudes of some kids I had a beef with and sent them to his mom using my catfish account

You can't do that without him noticing it afterwords you liar faggot

In middle school I had this gachapon bubble with vaseline around the rim and I put a packet of koolaid in there and an alkaseltzer tablet. I broke into this popular kid's locker and poured some water in the capsule and sealed it before placing it into the locker and closing it. Leter when the kid opened his locker he started crying and ended up transferring to a different school.