Drawthread: ignored requests lmao edition

Drawthread: ignored requests lmao edition


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Hi hi! Hows it going artanon?

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Anything with her in it

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Requesting Ruri getting lovingly knotted and impregnated by a dog, like in files.catbox.moe/d8n79q.png

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Sorry to disappoint, chief. That ain't me. The original artist, V+2, looked something like this.

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aye thread.

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aye rider, what you listening to rn?

I missed an important distinction: all of his shit was orange.

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think ive seen em around, were they the one that was away from threads until like, a month ago?

I think so. He acted chill and liked Homestuck. That's all I remember, though.

Oh pfff thats fine. Cute doodle btw.

Omfg I love the edit. XD

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Salutations, any quick colouring requests?

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Requesting color on coco from animal crossing

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Requesting a conjoinment of Min Min and Twintelle like in the reference. Optional: Change the spring arms for normal limbs and hair.

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Oh I've got one! Maybe you can help pick colors for this? :0 I wanna know what I should add to it or color the flowers.

Oml I saw your drawing on the coco request Drawthread!!

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roll for your character

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some snes music super castlevania

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>your drawing
Oh im not the artist, i requested cute coco draws, heres my fav that im using as my phones background cause its so cute!

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Oh roll!

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neat oc

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Your shit is amazing
Can you make a tiger with a dead monkey in it's mouth

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