I Need a product or service idea

I Need a product or service idea.

High margin.
Good demand.
Easy to sell online.

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good place for that


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Mom is an artist and I am wanting to promote her art online. So I want something more.

cooked popcorn

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Hamburger earmuffs

I have something for you but you’ll need to pay $1000 upfront and sign over 33% of the royalties

Need =/= want, learn the difference.

That is not scalable unless I become a madame which means exploitation. So no.

A beanie with electromagnets in side, that stimulate your brain as you wear it. A "thinking cap", of sorts. I'd like 15% of profits, please.

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ITT nobody posting the obvious answer


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I did online pharmacies. Tons of money. Scaled it big time. Worldwide. Totally black. Decided to leave out of fear. But it gave me confidence I can build anything.

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some kind of cloud service

really any kind of software service with buzzword features

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I’m guessing op is a faggot paneer business student who needs an idea for his homework and is too busy shitting in the street and trying to get the curry stink off his boyfriends dick, to do it himself

Sensitive product. Need FDA approval.

Some kind of shitty anonymous image board full of bots, where the only real people are pedos or law enforcement.

No. I’m a 40+ nerd with more biz experience than most entrepreneurs and moguls.

But now I am simply without inspiration.

In a strange way you're correct. The excitement about Aimi Eguchi of AKB48 exploded her fame, oddly enough "she" was actually a composite of several members of the group but spliced from their most attractive features, essentially a digital girl. Eventually we will have kids without the threat of disappointment or worry.

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For what exactly?
What problem to solve?
I need ideas. I have a framework.

Seconding this, and yes I am samefagging.

That would be selling ads and traffic. Right? Not interested. Commoditized already.

An option in mobile banking apps that allow you to name your repeat bills so you can name something logical like "spotify" instead of seeing the charge in tour history as CA5976532za65 $10.00
....youre welcome.

would not bring happiness to the world but only create more suffering. So no.

Depends how you're interpreting this and why you think suffering is created.

That is a design flaw and not a product. Besides, I see Spotify on mine.

OPs just looking for a get rich quick scheme, not something that takes effort...hes a zoomer.

Guess so. But it is not interesting.

A design flaw?
Thats something you pitch to a company in order to earn royalties you dumb cunt