You just came back from leaving quarantine to buy food and you open your door to see this in front of you as you open...

You just came back from leaving quarantine to buy food and you open your door to see this in front of you as you open the door. What do you do user?

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I do your mom

it's just a cartoon so I don't think that could happen

Id fuck the godamn living shit out of that doughnut

I'd eat that ass for at least an hour.

Chain her up in the basement and this time make sure she won't get loose

psst its a boy you faggot look closely

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Looks like a girl, so 'she'.

yeah sure if youre so delusional that you believe a massive hanging pair of balls indicates its a female

I would pay my five rupies.

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>not recognizing Link's faggot elf ass

I love when girls have massive balls, fun to lick and fondle.

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I think you're confusing Link with Zelda, Link is a girl.

try again next time nigger

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Who wants more of this little faggot?

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me user link is a fucking semen demon send away

Yeah, alright.

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Turn Three Six Mafia degrees and walk away...

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I wonder if any of the WEBMs I have are acceptable.

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...time to get caught

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Gee darn, all WEBMs are of the wrong type.

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thank you user

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Wait, is this Metroid or Zelda? I jut can't tell.

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What do I hear if I put my ear up next to it?

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Don't they share nice?

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Alright user, I'm getting a bit burnt out. Just a few more.

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