Posting nudes for attention. Tell me I’m cute and I’ll post some freebies...

Posting nudes for attention. Tell me I’m cute and I’ll post some freebies. If you wanna see my pussy then check out my onlyfans page :)

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you are really cute. like your tattoo and your belly piercing

Raja de aca la puta que te pario

Your pussy looks like it’s gonna be beautiful

How much for a blowjob?

Wtf, you want to get herpes?????? Look at that whore!!! No way she is clean.

Cállate boludo. Seguro que tenes 15 años y recién se te paró.

Smear period blood on your face like warpaint and take a picture.

No way I’m clean? I only fuck people who can afford me. And by the way you write, you sound under budget (:

MAGA ASS WIPE post her set

Just got off my period. Give me 28 days and I gotchu.

Those tats look familiar, I wish I could remember where I’ve seen them before...

My whole set is on

Hack it and go at it. But I know you won’t be able to.
And if you do, I won’t be mad.
I fucking love it when losers with no chance cum to me.

Probably seen them here. I love exposing myself.

lol asking money for nudes stfu

Show test results from a recent test then.

That's right, you can't!!!!!

actually feel bad for girls like this lol, only have a couple years left to sell their body then become homeless methheads that'll fuck anything for another hit of redballls

Cut for some? Not as hot as period blood, but would be something

As if I would put that much effort into proving a virgin like you (who would never even get eye contact from a girl like me) that I’m clean. If you do some self reflecting, you’d see why you don’t have a girlfriend.

cuanto cobras flaca? en buenos aires

You feel bad for people like me? Such as, people whom have experienced physical contact from the opposite sex?
Thank you for sharing, Oswald (:

No cobró nada. Solo salgo con tipos que me puedan pagar cosas lindas.

lmao right and when ur old and twice as trashy as you are now, no kind of gender will want to touch ur STD riddled body

Post a few more freebies?

saliste con alguno de tigre? tus tatuajes se me hacen muy conocidos

Lose weight tubby!

It’s so cute how virgins talk. Does your mom know you’re on the family PC?

I will. Let’s make a deal! I’ll lose weight when you lose you’re virginity.

What a poor dumb slut

Wow, a literal prostitute is mocking people by calling them a virgin. It's not like we can't all easy afford the $5 to fuck your disease filled puss if we wanted to.

Seriously its pathetic, truly sad to see what a waste of life this dumb bitch is

You forgot the $50 worth of antibiotics it would require, after touching that whore.

Someone has never felt the inside of a vagina :/

This bitch was really on another thread saying she's a millionaire lmao LARPing to another level

And the fumigation for bedbugs.

You know what’s even more sad? Virgins like you commenting on my post. Instead of being grateful that I’m giving you the inside scoop of what a girl looks like (cause let’s be serious, it will never happen for you irl), you’re a bitter ass bitch. Give yourself a stranger tonight and mix it up a bit!

Lol good luck being homeless STD girl

Never claimed I was a millionaire, just said I divorced one. What’s your excuse, KHV?

Lol what a stupid bitch

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That’s so cute. I don’t live in my parents’ basement. And when I want tendies, I buy them myself. You should probably get to bed before you get GBP taken away from you.

Her previous pathetic thread

Mega Links of tik tok, snapchat, only fans etc

What a sad virgin. Keeping tabs on a “stupid bitch”. Tell me, when is the last time you’ve had sex?

U mad u got caught lying lmao

What a cute simp. That’s boy!

And you’re upset you’ve never penetrated a vagina :/

Lol OK whatever you say ugly broke south American 3rd world Std having stanky ass vagina bitch good luck shilling your shitty nudes next time

discord gg/8E3nZx
Good stuff