I have one leg Yas Forums

I have one leg Yas Forums

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How'd that happen?

You still wear the jeans from the accident? How'd you get the blood out?

Would you like the other one back?

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Cancer is my guess

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Shark bite

Wasn't wearing jeans


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then you should probably get another one

show pussy

Take pants off! Spread butt cheeks

That's pretty neat!
Are there any positives to having one leg?

How's the pirate life treating you?

Tbh I like it lol

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do you feel respect for sharks now? or nahhh....

Ohhhh lordy. I'll bet you're hot.

I wish there was a way to turn that stump into a living flesh light, then one of my friends could fuck that stump while I pump my cock into your pussy until you squeal.

I like how your hand is resting on it.
It's a whole new body part/appendage to touch and feel...

Yikes, I hope you live a happy life fren


I have two.

Didn't disrespect them before lol



Heck yes. I didn't lose a leg. I gained a stump lol

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which is easy for you to wear pants or shorts

Tits or gtfo, Eileen.

Can you fuck in new positions now?

Is it weird or cute wearing pants like this showing off stump?

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And you only have to paint 5 toes :P


Wait what new stuff have you learned of having a stump?

you've legit posting on this board all day for attention, fuck off with your shitty threads you attention seeking cripple. also kys nigger

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you're probably still better off than being fat or ugly

Ikr? Socks all bogo too lmao

It's fun freaking ppl out

Rotating doors suck

no, its not

She's got a new holish thing to fuck. Kinda. Ever had a stump job?

Not weird or not cute?


post ass

Do you have a bf/gf? How has it changed your sex life?

not cute, its fucking disgusting

I do. It's made it better w him

my good woman. there have been many threads of this nature, though no tits with timestamp.

Now that I'm touching my penis its pretty hot

I saw your previous thread. Just so everyone knows: OP is a transgender (she got painted nails but is a male).

Shark bite is real tho but don't expect tits.

Waste of trips. Should've asked 4 nudes

do you get off by thinking about people looking at your bare stump?

i'm out

These pics are from the thread earlier today. OP is a larping faggot. I saved all these.

so didnt know you were a femanon. that changes a few things for us.

> tits / timestamp / sharpie in the ass

so you been active with dudes regularly do they act weird about gettin' near your stump?

Do you have like a cool, carbon fiber prosthetic or anything?
Also does it ever hurt?

you've legit posting on this board all day for attention, fuck off with your shitty threads you attention seeking cripple. also kys nigger

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How's it feel being a Incel virgin who a cripple like me wouldn't even fuck

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oh, i shoulda scrolled some more...

still would like the sharpie in the pooper pic tho

so you are a male then?

Can we assume that I would like some nudes, due to the fact that I'm touching my penis?

Yeah I do but never wear it

Ya sometines it hurts

nice tits, but post ass

Thread is fake. This was posted earlier today. OP is a fucking faggot.

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If OPs a male... That dudes got some killer tits

those are some nice tiddies for a one legged bitch

Welp I'm out. Should have known op was gay.

says the faggot posting numerous threads BEGGING for attention... look im sorry ur bf is gonna dump u for a 2 legged woman but it doesnt mean you come here to spam and be a nigger

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And there it is... /thread.

>got a bf
>still needs attention from men on Yas Forums
>exposes self for them despite bf
>missing a leg

God damn it op. You son of a bitch. Sage.