Im literally the worst at betss and have lost so many while drunk with my friend

Im literally the worst at betss and have lost so many while drunk with my friend

so here r my boobs, go ahead with the insults yet again

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What did you post here before?

What was the wager?

Time stamp

no! if i give more detailss it wont go well for me lol

they are good. they are yours. your nose and chin are also very adorable. is nipple more sensitive than the other?

To quote the great muse Borat:

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show face

Your boobies are perfect.

Show your asshole or fake

your boobies are nice, good job

BTW - I think you won the wager.

I technically did this before here because I lose everthing. but sure I am fake

Prove it

Is this a dubs for wins? If so...

what does that mean?

>no timestamp

sage in every field

OP did you lose a wager last weekend? Tattoo looks awfully familiar, I think I have some of your pics

First of all...WINNAR

2ND, the whole "lost a bet and now I gotta post tits on Yas Forums WITH NO TIMESTAMP (DATE AND TIME WRITTEN BY HAND AND IN THE PICTURE) makes it seem like there's more to the dare

In conclusion..spill the beans what's the rest of the dare

Post em

isn't this the same tattoo? under the boob
I saved it from last week or so

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yeah defo same tat.


What is that armpit tattoo? Wtf

yo delete this! dont post old pics that isnt cool

That's the same tat Bois, we got em



tattoos are so fucking disgusting

op's just dumping generic reddit nudes anyway user


Post some new ones then.

I can't tell what literally a single tattoo is supposed to be haha. Anons, any help? Or are they supposed to be obscure garbage

Why are all you dumb niggers falling for poor bait. We have rules for a pupose.
Timestamp or GTFO

Please please delete this. Ill post a different pic for you if you do

ok is delelelteted ;)

>with timestamp
>or you're a larping neckbeard.
But even if you're a larping neckbeard, post some of her spread hairy pussy. As spread as possible-- I want to see into her soul, or at least her cervix.

marker in butt

post yours first and then I'll delete that one.

Timestamp this time


Post your asshole and it is a deal

Please that pic shows too much. Remove it i promise a booty pic please

Then why did you post it?