Giant Baby hate thread

Giant Baby hate thread

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Imagine cutting off that babys head with an ax and then fucking his blood gushing neck hole with my 9 inch dick. Holy fuck so hot.

Then I would fuck his shit filled asshole till i split him down the middle with my dick tearing him apart by his legs with every thrust a little more. Holy fuck I just ejaculated hands free just from thinking about all this.

God I’m so glad I stayed up tonight

Are you jewish?

Fuck that stupid giant Baby. I hate giant babies.

Thats one big ass baby

Thats one hateable baby

Anyone else wanna just break his head open just to see what it’d look like? Such an annoying fucking dope face, he looks like the kinda guy who asks you for pics of your girlfriend’s feet. Fucking repulsive.

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what the fuck is wrong with you

Clearly the first time this kid’s ever seen a fruit

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Who the fuck keeps making all these big ass dumb babies I was thinking to know...Russians? Does anyone have more proof of giantism in white babies?

After a day of picking of the shit out of his stomach rolls

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Is this baby a pro athlete????

Nah it’s just this one baby that’s going viral and I can’t get him out of my fucking head, his mom has a TikTok: Kat.027 and she just uses him to become famous. I’ve never seen a baby bigger than this slab

That's what I was thinking lol. Even if it's a "joke" he's fucked in the head to think that.

Jesus cuntin Christ, I bet his mother has the vag of a predator mouth

Guys he's actually 3 years old. Not as young as you'd think.


This is just cringey you fucking faggot ass edgelord.

Bucktoothed baby bitch lookin like a fat Klansman with Down Syndrome.

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That’s what makes him so disgusting and hateable, he’s a gigantic baby that’s too old to be a baby. He’s just a deformed baby looking person, he gives off an uncanny valley effect and I don’t like it.

Agreed imagine when it's in highschool and some some fucking diaperfag goes up to to give it a wowypop fuuuck only way it's getting any

ok im sorry fucking lost here
is there a category of giant babies or is that shit one's title?

based, fuck the cry baby fags.

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if I had the opportunity to curb stomp this pudgy cunt I’d do it in a heartbeat. Fuck him and his disgusting rolls, I’d cut them off and feed them to him along with pulling out that stupid little cockscucker’s nipples while I’m at it. Maybe that’ll teach him he’s a worthless mass of human beef who should be turned into hot dogs at a slaughterhouse.

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Baby Gavin has been bestowed the title of ‘Giant Baby, First of His Name, Conqueror of the Seven Subs and Protector of the Fries’

What the fuck did this baby do to you guys huh? Did he sleep with your wives? He fucking cucked you niggers didn't he? Better than a black guy at least.

Anyone just want to slam his head repeatedly against a ceramic wall and then ziptie his arms and legs and drown him in a bathtub?

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Implying I'm not 29 living in a fucking rooming house with a bunch of other burn outs

More this other dumb white nigger baby so I can get more mad

So what did this baby do to you? Ah I get, he raped you, didn't he?

Get help

Sniff* the baby said he would pay my rent for the winter months if he was my sugar was a warm moist winter I guess..sniff*