Dear black people why do you keep pulling this shit?!?

Dear black people why do you keep pulling this shit?!?

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Fuckin niggers. I hate it because I really dont want to be racist but its like they cant control themselves. Niggers gonna nigg.

Well, for one, they're not really people. They're a lower species of human, but not enough human to be considered people.

She's entitled to those things because her ancestors were forced into slavery by the white bitch's ancestors. She's only taking what ought to be hers in the first place.

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Because they lack empathy, and have no sense of consequence beyond like five minutes into the future.

go figure, theyre black

i feel the same way. i cant even watch rekt shit on here with niggers chimping out cause it just makes me cringe

Would you prefer for them to steal on a larger scale, like the Trump administration? Would that make it better?

>Ay yo even though I'm 20% white my ancestors were slaves gibbs

just because someone else is doing something worse doesnt make it ok for others to commit lesser crimes. they should all be rounded up and shot

To be fair, the credit fraud only hurts the credit card company

Dindu nuhphin

You make a valid point

>her ancestors were forced into slavery by the white bitch's ancestor
Well, most slave owners were Jewish, not white so...

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waah waah waaah. who cares? definitely not the dead bitch. Shes dead. wtf is she gonna worry about?

to be fair... that's a pretty good point.

did i hear you correctly? did you say you think the president should be shot?

boy is your weekend about to get interesting.

That was a smart move, just like when white people stole resources from Africa

>Dear black people why do you keep pulling this shit?!?
Because they're niggers
and niggers are gonna nig.

yes, cause his post is special from all the bs poeple post here and on social media

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well, lets hope the FBI feels the same way about your post-uhh. i mean HIS post

Haha, you're scared. You're the guy he was responding to and you're pretending to be someone else and acting confident, but you're seeking reassurance that you won't get in trouble.

Oogaas gonna boogaa

lol i bet he already tried shredding his hard drive, is freaking out over police sirens in the distance, and debating killing himself

Because of a shitty comment in a nigger thread?

This is the thinking I don't get with leftist douchebags. They act like morality is a "first come, first served" strawman. "Well, Trump did this..." The TDS is palpable.

Morals are like king of the hill. It's a ground that you hold, and defend against people who would try to knock you off it. They can't get it through their heads because they've never had to defend anything in their lives. They just blow any way that the twitterati tell them to go, and take positions built on shifting sands.

So pathetic.

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Yeah fair but on the other hand youre fucking retarded

to be fair, the real spectacle isn't that they perform crimes, it's that they perform crimes this dumb. this stupid bitch obviously grew up in an era knowing there are cameras everywhere and was too dumb to consider that using a stolen credit card to buy something over 300 bucks, let alone a FUCKING CAR, is begging for years in prison and a ruined future. she was obviously not worried about her credit score when she used someone else's credit card.

maybe niggers need at least videos showing them that the type of crimes niggers end up committing are just too stupid to succeed. that might help them NOT perform them.

Purchased a car?!? A CAR?!? Someone doesn’t know how to credit card fraud. Idiot.

>Dear people why do you keep pulling this shit?!?

Cuz they're poor dumbass.

I know lots of poor people that would not steal. Being poor is not a reason for shitty morals.