How do you compare in size to your significant others’ past lovers?

How do you compare in size to your significant others’ past lovers?

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>current gf’s biggest. My last gf had bigger

Slightly smaller apparently. But she doesn’t care and can enjoy me more without being scared of getting hurt in most positions

Much bigger than her last boyfriend. Im One of the biggest she's had but not the biggest. The biggest had 3 inches on me...

Mines last had a micro penis, and he was a douche. I love when she tells me how much better I am

What was her experience like with each size

Biggest wasn't comfortable, but guy couldn't last past the first 4 seconds. The last guy didn't do much for her. She could cum riding him, but different positions weren't good and his oral/foreplay game was nonexistent

I’m the best fuck she’s had, she’s been with 15-18 guys. She’s 25 I’m 22, she said the biggest dick she has ever seen was the size of a Red Bull can, and not sure how she took that but I’d love to see her really stretched some I’m going to her her a big thick dildo and stretch her cunt

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GF is pretty Christian and I'm the first one she even saw in person. I'm pretty average, maybe a little thicker, but to her it's massive.

don't know don't care, prolly not the biggest but definitely the best, and the first one to get head so i'm content

It was just hot telling my gf I had a big dick over the phone before I met her

Never had one so I wouldn't know. Always felt small cause I'm moderately fat

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Are you me? Same with my gf

While in uni I briefly dated one of my former classmates who used to date my older brother in hs. I didn't even bring size up because I know I'm on the smaller side so any comparison with her exes would disfavour me greatly, she just casually mentioned how different mine looked from my brother's while she was going down on me.
Out of curiosity I followed up her wonderment by asking "you mean like he's bigger"
To which she just scoffed looked me in the eyes and said "what do you think" mockingly while still holding my cock in her hand. I felt so bad for getting even more turned on while she made fun of my size

Looks fine, it's really thick so you have that going for you

Gf was a virgin before me. So I'm the biggest she's had. But.... That also makes me the smallest? Lol

I am the smallest my wife has ever had. She always tells me stories about this one ex who had a big cock and would make her orgasm all the time from just sex. She's never had an orgasm with me from just sex...

The hymen busting paradox

we were both virgins, kys degenerates

Imagine being cucked by someone you haven't even met yet.

Smaller than one of them, he hurt apparently, but bigger than a black guy she fucked once.

Gf has been with 5 guys. She says I'm the biggest but I'm only 4" so idk

we are both sluts
im not her biggest
she not my best
but we love eachother for other reasons
...and we are still sluts

her pussy

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Damn lol, getting called small during sex must be a huge blow to someone's self esteem, let alone when compared to ones own brother. Hadn't you seen your bros junk before?

Why would your wife tell you that?

She enjoys teasing me about my small penis. She constantly pulls my pants down in front of her girl friends and says to look at how small it is.

Nice larping

My girlfriend hadn't had sex until we started dating. And thank fucking god too, because I have a really small dick

Nah, some people are just more sexual and open than the average incel.

The way it's phrased, it sounds like she'll show any of her friends your dick, even In a casual context. Is it a sexual thing?

Biggest by 2 inches in length and girth that my wife has had, am about double the length of the biggest our fwb has been with.Cervix bumps 4 da win