MAGA lady living in South America. Help me trump over these spics babies

MAGA lady living in South America. Help me trump over these spics babies.

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timestamp ur asshole and face

Why would I do that when you’re supposed to pay for it?

To prove you are who you say you are

Ok, follow that link and I’ll prove it.

Everyone don't do it.


You don't have to pay!

That’s right everybody! (premium) went free during quarantine!!!! However, I’m actually showing you my dickless pussy that is throbbing for dick.

OP here, (Lorena) you sound like a bitter virgin :(

That's a lot of toilet paper you are hoarding, you filthy cunt. Go neck yourself!

You are beautiful i'll gladly help you babe

You must be unemployed.

you sound like a broke whore

Thank you (:
To be honest, I don’t really need the money. I just love showing off. Knowing that guys cum to me is what makes me cum.

Post more here

And you sound like someone who has never once hit the gym and has bad skin :\

That would take away from my quarantine money. But here’s a little something.

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whatever u say broke whore

You sound bitter. What’s the worry? Small dick or short pocket? Lemme guess...both?

Which country? Interested in marrying an American and coming to the U.S.?

Oh my god you are hot as fuck, dedicating something special 4 you

Do you charge by the pound?

tits or gtfo cumdumpster

go shill your nigger jew shit elsewhere

Not at all lol. Left the US about 6 months ago. Have a divorce pending. Waiting on my Trump Bux :)

If she does, no one in here will be able to afford the pictures. Girl is tubby.

Someone has never seen a vagina irl :(
If you follow my initial link, I can change that, angry boii.
But it’ll cost ya :)

Fucking CHAD right here.

Let’s see you!
I bet you’re no Chad.

Stop replying to yourself, Brian.

That explains why you are so chubby.

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I am not trying to sell myself on the internet.

No wonder your husband threw you out, looking like that.

Im against open borders, also against illegal immigrants, but I'm not racist towards them.
I'm a trump supporter. Idk if that matters.
Inb4 my first day on the interwebs

Don't listen to them you got a good looking body!

Omg :(
Let me suspend my free deliverer sushi dinners to mourn this comment :’(

lol imagine living in south america like a broke whore.

Your eyes are too far apart. Nose is definitely crooked. The shape of your face is not aesthetically pleasing at all. You look like a 3/10 with make up in this photo. I don't even want to imagine what you look like without make up. I actually threw up in my mouth, just thinking about it. Your head is too big (although that may be, because of your giraffe neck posture). As for your hair, lol. Seriously, do something. You look like a horse. Stare at your face for more than 5 seconds, and you will see how ugly you are. The eyes which are too far apart is what ruins/damages an already ugly face even further. Unfortunately for you, that can't be surgically fixed, lol. You arms are way too long. lol at how they hang by your sides. Kind of reminds me of lurch. As for your tits, we all know there is extra padding there. Don't even let me start on your pale complexion. It only works if you look hot. Unfortunately, you do not look hot. Its hard to sum up a creature like you in one word. 'UGLY'

More like I left him and he was too enchanted to make me sign a prenup. So now I’m sitting pretty on millions from engineer white boii bux.
Thank you for guessing though (:

You’re probably on NeetBux :/

He didn't deserve you anyway

>sitting on on millions
>"give me money for shitty nudes"
pick one

Hey New eyeglasses Mr. Magoo. She needs to drop 20-30 pounds, and start exercising. Can't tell if she needs surgery for skin tightening until after the weight is off.

your set will be leaked onto mega and thothub within a month, stay mad and poor Lol

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He really didn’t, user. Thank you for being sweet :)

Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize they people with money didn’t want more money!
Have fun with your micro penis, user :)

imagine talking to yourself on an image board