How do I avoid turning into this? I live in California, to make conditions worse

How do I avoid turning into this? I live in California, to make conditions worse.

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I wanna take a sledgehammer to his face


dont have a soyboy beard and glasses.
dont smile doing soy face.

you can't

purify your tap water before drinking.

that guy lives is isreal so i wouldnt worry

He lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. California has San Francisco, and Tel Aviv is often compared to that city.

don't look into "that"

Anything that isn't a cuck thread belongs on pol? Retard.

by fucking who?

>thousandth post about this random fucking jewtuber Yas Forums trolls have targeted for their never-ending "soyboy" campaign
>just anything
>just a coincidence

>Tel Aviv
outside of jews no one has ever fucking heard of this place

Many Christians and Orthodox Jews alike hold that Tel Aviv is basically Israel's version of San Francisco, due to the higher LGBT presence in that place.

don't do drugs, that shit will make this your face.

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LOL, what's the original of that one look like?

Well, you can't grow a beard, so that's a start.

kill yourself, its the only solution

Get contacts, shave, don't be a jew, work out consistently, don't eat garbage all the time, don't be a cunt, it's not that difficult.

submerge head in ice water 3 times a day for 14 days, then get the word "murder" tattooed on your forehead. no soyboys will want to associate with a scary looking motherfucker

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Work a blue collar job that isn't customer service, graveyard shift preferably. Work at least 60 hours a week for a few years. Only allow yourself to own a vehicle if it both weighs at least 3,000 lbs and is at least 15 years old. Pick up shooting as a hobby and own at least one gun in each of the major calibers except you can substitute .40 S&W in place of .45 ACP. Refuse to pay above $500 for rent if renting a room or above $1200 if renting an apartment, even if that means living in a van. Eat meat for breakfast don't eat sugary shit like cereal that shit is for children. Stop watching TV it is for children and women.

its aphex twin

This is an easy one. Don't eat food meant for children, keep yourself clean shaven with short hair, and stay in shape.

Normally I would call you a fag but you're right in this case. This guy has been making threads about this fucking retard non-stop lately.

if your white, fat, and wear glasses. you should not grow a beard

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I think this guy, who is named Aviad Cornelius Balelli, is the new Andy Sixx kind of meme or something. I saved a pick of this Cornelius guy from another one of the threads, where he looks more "conventionally handsome." You decide.

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Now this is doggystyle

That's extreme, man.

what differentiates a soy beard from a chad beard?


t. /trv/

He looks like your run of the mill frat bro that couldn't get a real job after college, so now he's a youtuber

He's happy and he can grow a beard. You're 11 or 12 year old and sad.