My highschool fucked me over. I'm a star athlete with nothing to show, no friends, money, happy memories, nothing...

My highschool fucked me over. I'm a star athlete with nothing to show, no friends, money, happy memories, nothing. The football team fucking hated me was kicked off this year, my senior year, then got kicked off wrestling. My parents think I didn't try hard enough, my gf says I don't care about her. I'm going to burn the houses of everyone that hurt me and kill myself, AMA

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whys everybody hate you somuch, how big of an asshole are you?

[spoiler]didnt ask[/spoiler]

you gonna use matches or a lighter?

Graduate, go to college, start a successful business, and then tell them all to suck your dick. Revenge is best when they have to live through it.

>sTaR aThLeTe

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sounds like you weren't much of a star

Real men take responsibility for their actions and learn from their mistakes. You're a bitch though and should probably an hero. Leave the people who "hurt" you alone though pussy.

Why even pursue revenge when you won't be alive to enjoy it? What's the fucking point?

I'm not really sure, the whole school is run by one family that continuously steals money through the booster program and I talked bad about them so that's probably it

I weighed about 200 in football season and squatted over 500lbs fuck off neckbeard

Not sure haven't planned that far ahead

just let it all out user. The random strangers on the internet are here for you

>>I'm going to burn the houses of everyone that hurt me and kill myself,

Gasoline or grain alcohol for accelerant - diesel requires something hotter than a match.

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40 time? Vert? Never mind the vert, white boys cant jump. Don’t you find it ironic your a star athelete with no team ? Nigga do you even have film? Are you talking to community college coaches yet? Get it together

With every league requires more money. Highschool is a free ride but the class system is about money.

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Don’t anhero user. Stand up do that shit. Do your bid and walk the prison main line. These days, you don’t even need to click up or rep a set. As long as you respect and can fight. You good. Don’t be a bitch. Take your strikes and be respected

You just deciding right now to do it? How come you have nothing to show for it your being a “star athlete”, don’t you have the body and at least a season of play? Also, there wouldn’t be any games currently because of quarantine right? I don’t get it. Also, How do you qualify as a “star athlete” exactly?

sounds like you didn't stop to think about how you got into all these shitty situations to begin with. instead of doing an AMA like we should feel bad for you or something and just examine why tf you've made your life so shitty.

i have film but unfortunately I dropped the ball early on and never put my self out there in the recruiting world, I was thinking about the local community college

you sound cool op

you should just come out as gay and stop suppressing rage and living in denial

Seems like you got nothing to live for so go for it man just don't pussy out half way there make sure you really gonna do it cause once you start there is no going back

lol i just wanted you to see this post twice op
dawg you had no film and no prospects, or you did and then did yourself no favors. there's a million country strong hicks who couldn't achieve escape velocity and now bathe in their own beer-tears. i've met like ten of your sad weird clones

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They never even gave me a real chance to play exactly, doesn't make any sense when i was the strongest person in the weight room on campus

I understand, that's why private cathoo schools are always d1 but what I'm saying is the coaches were stealing money from the athletic programs

Thanks for the tip user

Going to prison would make my fucked up life even worse so no thanks

Probably because you're one of them

So you’d rather be a yellow bellied coward? Bro you need your ass kicked.

I think it's reasonable to say that I wouldn't want to go to prison retard