Ohio Thread

Ohio Thread

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What part of ohio you from

Looking for a plug in 513

513 present

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Anyone from Ashland or Mansfield here

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Where's the cheapest gas in eastern Ohio? I drove from Western Pennsylvania into Ohio because I thought gas was $1.19 according to Gasbuddy, but it was $1.45. I could have gotten the same price nearby.

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Bump with a classic 937

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I'm in ne ohio and it was .95 recently
At a sheetz and Sam's club

2 days ago in Middletown it was 99c

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Oh, well I'll just say I specifically went to Flying J's in Hubbard, Ohio. Not a big deal, I filled up the tank anyways, but I've never gotten gas for $1.19 before. It's $1.59 locally but got down to $1.49 at the lowest in Mercer County, PA a few weeks ago.

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Ashland ohio

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Any Aurora, Ohio?

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You post her everyday but i have to admit i do like those tits lol

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419 checking in, bg/toledo

You know her name?

Cardinal Mooney girls

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Yes sir, got any?

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still on my quest to find this chicks nudes, tonya b. galion 419. anyone got em?

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